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_POSTEDON 2002-03-21 20:00:44 by jimmyd

jimmyD Directs jimmyd _writes " "Forced Entry" is a disturbing piece of hardcore, made by and for some very disturbed people. What I cannot decide, however, is what is most disturbing about the movie: the intense savagery of the dramatized rapes and murders, or Robert Black playing crusading investigative reporter "Roberto Negro" and looking like a lost Hassidic Jew wearing a really tacky, blonde, Florence Henderson wig. It's almost painful watching Black try his Thespian best to be the comedy relief and somehow soften the savage intensity of the grisly rapes and murders.

Before the movie even begins, we're treated to Uncle Buck, err, Black, looking like a punk wop, Rastafarian P.T. Barnum in black leather advising us that what we are about to see is merely actors acting, i.e., actors having a really fun time in spite of the heinous nature of the acts they're acting out. It's sort of like one of those "No animals were injured in the making of this motion picture" advisories. He tells us that if we don't believe him, to stay tuned after the movie and there's all this behind-the-scenes footage that will bear out what he is saying. He even claims documented proof that the Frontline crew knew all along everyone was having a jolly good time, but chose to broadcast a very different take on it. To be fair, this isn't exactly what he said, but I think it's pretty much what he tried and/or meant to say. To me, the whole thing feels like a pre-recorded defense strategy, but I'm certainly no lawyer, so what do I know.

In a nutshell, this movie depicts the psychotic adventures of Luciano and his crew of sexual deviants. Looch is (I think) some kind of Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez wannabe. He and his crew, who include at varying times, Brian Surewood, Mickey G, and, well, I'm not sure about the Valentino character, that was a little confusing to me. Possibly because that scene was shot sometime after Looch left Extreme. But anyway, these guys during the course of the flick savagely abuse, beat, spit-on, rape, and murder the likes of Jewel De'Nyle, Veronica Cain, Taylor St. Claire, and Alexandria Quinn.

While all this vile shit is going on, Roberto (Black) Negro (clever, huh, Robert Black in Spanish) has to convince the authorities that these are serial murders, and, well, I'm not sure what else he does, but in the end when Luciano is recognized by some civilians, chased, and beaten to death by a group of average guys, Negro offers up his own, inane commentary on the rapist/murderer's life and death.

Now here's the key question, and it should be the key question asked of any reviewer who reviews porn. Did you, JimmyD, grow a woody while watching the flick? Yep, I sure did, in fact, I grew one in every scene except the Valentino scene. And I'll also cop to my hardest hard-on during the scene with Jewel. I think that's because, in spite of some really cheezy video effects (c'mon guys, get rid of that shit already) there was some actual time taken to build the sexual and physical tension of the scene. Having said that, let me qualify my chubbies. I'm a pornographer. I'm either looking at sex on a screen, or in front of me with a camera, almost every day. There was a time when the wind would blow across my pants and I'd get a hardon. Those days are gone, and part of the reason they're gone is my occupation. So when I see some stuff that falls way out of the envelope, like "Forced Entry" does, I'm not surprised I got a rise.

Some other rambling comments on this flick: The direction was inconsistent. At times, I felt there was a guiding hand there, at other times, I felt the actors, and camera, were left to go with the flow, and to allow said flow to go wherever it felt like going. The camera work was pretty good, the style was consistent, and it always made sure that we, the audience, felt like we were there, intimately witnessing, almost part of the action, as opposed to witnessing from afar. The editing is a whole different story. Gimicky effects used gratuitously that take away from the action. Production value is almost non-existent. I think about 11 cents was spent on locations. Maybe two or three bucks on props. I don't want to even get into what was used to effect Veronica Caine's blood, but it was sadly lacking in realism. The acting, excluding Black, was as intense as it gets. In fact, there was more than a little letting go by these performers. We were obviously seeing deep into their selves, and it wasn't always pretty.

If you're a fan of rape movies, or a card carrying misogynist, you're probably going to really like this movie. If you're the senstive type, bring a barf bag with you. If you're a store owner, retain legal representation before stocking "Forced Entry."


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