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_POSTEDON 2002-05-21 19:03:19 by jimmyd

metro press release jimmyd _writes "

Wow, talk about timing. Harry Weiss sent me another of his Very Important Metro Press Releases (a VIMPR) today and I couldn't help but think that Harry must not read my site.

Just last night I posted an article about girls doing their first boy/girl scenes--a rather critical essay regarding the importance of such matters--and today, the very next day mind you, Harry sends a VIMPR announcing that Holly Hollywood is about to perform her first B/G scene for Metro. So I'm right now trying my best not to write any rude shit mostly because I like Holly so much.

I certainly don't want to rain on Holly's parade, or Harry's either. I like Holly a lot. She's a beautiful, fun person, and a total professional. She's also a freakin' hottie which helps too. I'm even quite fond of Harry, the big lug.

The VIMPR says that the Metro-multiple-movie-makin-Mikes (Adams and Quasar) will be responsible for Holly taking the big bone on tape. By the way,, if anyone's actually interested in reading the VIMPR, I've posted it on the next page.

But to get back to what I was saying in the previous article, I gotta wonder what the big fucking deal is. There is no doubt in my mind--I'm talking not one molecule of doubt--that Holly has known cock in the biblical sense. If I thought that Holly was about to experience a man's meat and juice for the very first time, I would agree that this would be special occassion, like when 31 Flavors makes that once-a-year flavor that you wait so patiently for. And it would be even more spectacular considering all the on-camera lesbianism she's performed, to know that only rubber, latex, plastic, and female tongues and fingers have passed that way before, and now, for the first time, cock.

But that's not what we're dealing with here. We're not dealing with a hardcore lesbian who is a virgin in the hetero world. We're simply dealing with a smart, sexy chic who had chosen to perform in G/G scenes only, and now, for whatever career considerations are important to her, she has decided to to perform B/G scenes.

I'm sure this is important to Holly, and I wish her all the best, and hope that it sparks a whole new successful part of her career, but like I said yesterday when this subject had nothing to do with Metro or Holly Hollywood...


Oh, and if you want to check out a bit more of Holly, she has a web site at hollyhollywood.com.


Chatsworth, CA (May 16, 2002)—Metro Studios has closed a deal with Holly Hollywood for her first ever boy/girl and anal scenes. She will star in a Cal Vista feature written especially for her by Mike Quasar. The Metro Studios production team of Mike Quasar and Michael Adams will direct and produce the movie, which will be shot in June.

Metro Studios is currently searching for the special male talent that will get the honor of starring with Holly Hollywood in the movie.

“I’m so glad I’ll get to do this with Metro,” exclaimed Miss Hollywood. “They’re my favorite people to work with! I respect the quality of Mike and Mike’s movies and always have fun on their sets. I’m very excited that I can do some real nasty fucking and sucking in my movies!”

“I am very much looking forward to lensing Miss Hollywood’s first on screen interaction with male genitals,” reflected director Mike Quasar, "sadly however, those genitals will not be my own.”

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