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_POSTEDON 2002-05-29 16:03:24 by jimmyd

Email jimmyd _writes "

I thought *I* was really something when Adella wrote me and gave *me* her approval. And then when Jonathon Morgan phoned me to plead his case, I started feeling pretty damned cocky. But suddenly, I have caught the eye of important directors in the jizz biz. And it ain't just Jonathon testifying to his innocence. I suddenly got some heavy-weight porn personages likin' my shit! So watch out! I can feel my head ballooning! I'm getting so full of myself I might explode!

Wesley Emerson, that's right, *the* Wesley Emerson, smut director emeritus, and the guy who's responsible for a whole shit-load of award-winning XXX fare like "No Man's Land," and "Wadd," the recent John Holmes/VCA documentary, and much, much more, writes in:

Jimmy....i haven't laughed so much in a long time! You need to host a good old fashion late night sex talk show....whaddddya think? ......Wes

Thanks Wes! Have your people call my people and set something up, will ya? Take a lunch, maybe? Do a meeting? Did I get that right? Or do we do lunch and take a meeting? I don' t fucking know. Somebody help me here.

Then out of nowhere I get this from Wildlife's reclusive director-in-residence, Bobby Rinaldi, autuer of some well-known, wildly successful smut like "Screw My Wife, Please," and lots more:


Really like the site! Even tho I probably direct about 40 videos or so a year, an "outsider" like myself finally has a chance to see what the really "big" guys in the industry are up to! Boy, I now know what an exciting biz we are in! So much wheeling and dealing! So much backstabbing! So many power struggles! And I thought it was all about making jack off videos! How sadly mistaken I was! Keep up the good work!

Best Regards,

Bobby Rinaldi

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. You are too, too, too modest. You ARE one of the big guys, big guy! And I ain't just talking about them 40" waisted pants! (Like I should fucking talk, right?) But thanks for the nod! I'm only here to entertain you guys. So when I hear this kinda stuff, I'm ready to reach for the K-Y and engage in some rewarding self-abuse.

And finally, but certainly not leastly, direct from the highest elevations of porn's Mt. Olympus--a place where mere mortal directors like myself only dream of someday reaching--the UBER-director himself, Sin City's fairest of the fair-haired boys, big-time AVN Award winner, and director of so many high-end fuck-flicks my finger's would spontaneously combust trying to type them all and my brain would turn to mushy-green, split-pea, envy soup--yes, none other than Michael Raven tersely writes:

Ok ,

funny fucking shit I must admit..............



And that's it! Funny fucking shit! Somebody pinch me, I'm dreaming. Ma! I'm practically a celebrity! Quick, get a battalion of bimbos to blow me off my feet with a fire hose cause I'm so fucking HOT I'm on FIRE!




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