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_POSTEDON 2002-03-23 23:57:07 by jimmyd

General Gossip jimmyd _writes "Just got home from a grueling 14 hours on a set that concluded with the arrival of 4 of L.A.'s Finest in plainclothes representing the Vice Department. It seems we ran one hour over our allotted permit time, and someone was going to have to answer to this flagrant violation. I arrived at home and was about to crawl into bed when I decided to check my email. A letter from Quasarman was my reward for putting off the inevitable sleep that is claiming my body even as I type.

"My hat's off to you Jimmy D for jumping headlong into the unrewarding and pointless world of porn journalism.You are indeed a brave man. We're it not for my sudden and violent fall from the wagon, growing dependence on pharmaceuticals purchased in Tijuana where prescriptions are unnecessary and my disintegrating and largely loveless marriage I'd still be in the game myself. Then again, all of the preceding tragedies were actually caused by my own unrewarding and pointless headlong jump into the world of porn journalism so maybe retirement was the only way out for me apart from a sudden burst aneurysm or paralyzing stroke. All I know is that, though I dearly miss my reportage on the latest neophyte porn starlet arriving late to a movie set due to an escort session the previous evening which ran into overtime, the constant white noise in my head has now ceased and has been replaced by a quiet calm.

I am now able to focus on the more profound issues of my career such as how to compete against the new breed of "Directors" who shoot an entire movie in their dank apartment utilizing their own penis in every scene, edit the entire production on an Imac and sell it for $19.99 to company owners desperate for low priced flotsam which they can place into a pretty box and trade for low priced jetsam similarly packaged by other company owners. I feel the white noise returning. Perhaps I should go now.

In closing, all the best to you Jimmy D. You may not be as funny as Jonathan Morgan, Shaun Ricks or Ron Jeremy but you're surely as funny as me and hell, I actually had regular visitors to my site. You'll do well I'm sure but when the novelty wears off and you find yourself up nights in a cold sweat attempting to conjure content out of thin air, cancel your ISP, disconnect your DSL line and go make a new Sopornos movie.

All the best,


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