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_POSTEDON 2002-06-19 20:28:46 by jimmyd

Sin City Story jimmyd _writes "The power of the porn-press may have been vividly revealed today when credible sources within the Sin City hierarchy told a simplyjimmyd reporter that Chuck Martino has been rehired by his pal, David Sturman, to shoot a show for Sin City's 'Sinister' line, and that Chuck will shoot the show with full autonomy from 'Sinister's' production management.

As reported on this site yesterday, Chuck had been edged out of Sin City by sinister forces, specifically, he was removed from shooting for the 'Sinister' line through the actions of some guy who may or may not be from a Middle-Eastern country and who may or may not have a parental figure also working at the Sin City facility, who also may or may not be from a Middle-Eastern country. Apparently, this guy represents Sin City's 'Sinister' line's production management.

A simplyjimmyD reporter received a cordial and friendly phone call today from a middle-aged sounding man with an accent that may or may not have been Middle-Eastern. Our reporter promised not to reveal the contents of the conversation with the man with the accent, other than to say that the man may or may not have categorically denied the entire text of yesterday's lead story.

It's reported that news of Martino's deal to again produce for Sin City was met by surprise at first, which quickly turned to bitterness and resentment. This, from certain staff members who may or may not be of Middle-Eastern descent.

A jubilant Martino commented that sometimes wrongs have a strange way of righting themselves, and that the only thing more surprising than this turn-of-events, would be if jimmyD found himself returning to do business with the Sturman production organization... a comment he quickly followed with a, "Nah...I doubt they'll let that happen."

The staff of simplyjimmyd.com publicly apologizes to Scott Stein for temporarily usurping his 'Power of the Press Release' in this matter. The staff here, however, felt the return of Mr. Martino to Sin City is an important event, and that it needed to be told, either officially or unofficially. Frankly, we doubted that this announcement, or any part of the story behind it, would have been forthcoming from Mr. Stein, even though it seems to indicate the beginning of a shift in power at an adult company as important to the industry as Sin City.


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