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_POSTEDON 2002-06-20 09:52:33 by jimmyd

jimmyD's Opinion jimmyd _writes "Yesterday's interview on the Gene Ross site with the Mom and daughter incest team of Lacey and Manx took the site to it's lowest level ever.

FIrst off, even with photos that seem to depict a felony offense (you didn't know incest is illegal?), you guys still can't get yourselves arrested. And this girl is how old? You think this sexual relationship between them just started on her 18th birthday? It must be really gratifying to cater to the sickest and most twisted of human behaviors by exploiting the sickest and most twisted of human beings.

Yep, you guys can't seem to get yourselves arrested. It must really suck for you that Max and JM and Seymore got themselves caught up in the kind of law enforcement operation that you all seem so desperately to wish for.

But I gotta tell you, a pic of some misguided teenager licking her thoroughly despicable Mother's twat made me want to heave, and after all my years in this biz, I don't fucking heave easily.

You guys are going to have nothing left to aspire to but snuff movies. I mean, once you've gone through rape and incest, what else is there? Oh yeah, beastiality, necrophilia, and child porn, I almost forgot.

Of course, and I'm now talking again about the mother and child cunnilingus pic, there's always the thought that it's another of your lame fucking hoaxes (like the dog and the snake) and that the two people depicted are unrelated. Maybe you should publicly prove that these two are truly, legally, and biologically mother and daughter. Give the DA something to really hang their hats onto.

You guys thoroughly disgust me (and like with the heaving, I don't disgust easily either).

You think you're on the '...cutting edge of pornography...' as you like to say? One of these days that knive is going to slip and you're all going to be on the cutting edge of your own throats.

Gene, you must be so much happier doing what you're doing now, than doing what you were doing at AVN.



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