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_POSTEDON 2002-06-30 15:31:05 by jimmyd

Tales of Pornography jimmyd _writes ""Wanker Wang!" I blurted out. "Don't tell me you're part of this too?"

"Part of this?" Wang chuckled, responding in his usual inscrutable way, "Part of this?" he repeated, his voice rising up a few decibells. "I am this, Jimmy! This is my gig... my people... my thing." He said, smiling slightly, squinting his already squinty eyes at me.

"I don't understand," I said, looking back at Slain Wayne, then back to Wang. "This is Slain's cult. I've been researching it for weeks. I'm a porn journalist! I don't make mistakes like this. Slain Wayne is the leader here, what are you talking about it's your thing? Didn't you see what just happened? He bleached Brian Surewood. He made Brian cum like a machine! And those girls! They're all like zombies answering to his every whim and command!"

Wang smiled malevolently. "Jimmy-fucking-D, you need to expand your consciousness, bro. You're living inside the envelope. You're staying within the boundaries. You're fenced in and you can't see the forest for the trees."

"Forest for the trees?" I asked, totally confused.

Wang nodded. "It's why so many of your movies only receive three-and-a-half stars, bro. You need to let go of your inhibiting little view of reality and get with the program.

I shuddered as he spoke. Something told me this advice was going to come at a price: possibly, a high price.

"The program?" I asked, not really wanting an answer.

"Let me show you something," Wang grabbed my arm and guided me to the garage door. He pulled out a remote control device from his pocket and pushed the button on it. Suddenly, the three girls behind us began to howl like cats in heat, undulating their bodies on the concrete patio, spreading their legs wide and jamming their fingers into their dripping wet pussies.

"Sorry," Wang said and pushed the button again causing the girls to go suddenly silent and sit up in a prim and proper way. "Wrong remote control device," Wang grinned as he put away the girl-controller and pulled out another, similar one. He pushed the button on this controller and the garage door began to slowly rumble open. As it did, I looked down and saw two, sneaker-clad feet slowly being revealed. The opening door then revealed the legs of a pair of well-worn blue jeans. The door continued to roll up now showing the rest of the jeans, and then a faded blue tee-shirt. It was obviously a man who stood their, motionless, as the door continued up. Soon, the man's gray beard became revealed, and then his face, and finally a yellowing hair-piece. It was Gene Ross! Gene stood their motionless, as if in a trance. A few feet behind Gene were two young women, each about eighteen years old, each completely naked, and each quite beautiful.

The girls stepped forward and grabbed Gene's arms. They guided him forward, like helping an old, invalid man, until he stood directly in front of Wang and I. The girls took their places close to Wang. They put their arms about his waist, and rested their cute heads upon his chest. Wang reached out and placed each of his hands on the girl's butts, giving them each a slow and deliberate stroke as he waited for me to speak.

"That's Gene Ross." I exclaimed, rather increduously.

"D'uh," Wang mocked, "Correction, that WAS Gene Ross... " Wang continued, "Now he's simply... my bitch." Wang smiled smugly as he let the words sink in, and continued to stroke the girl's asses. "When I was at Extreme, I was able to bring Gene under my control. It really wasn't that difficult. Rob Black did it easily enough when he lured him away from Paul Fishbein and AVN. But Black doesn't have my skills. He couldn't hold Gene's mind hostage for long, not even with cash or a wannabe wrestling league." Wang continued to brag. "And so now, through him and his website, coupled with my control of lukeford.com, much of my bidding can be done." Wang looked over at the three girls. "Take these bimbos, or any like them. How hard do you think it is to bend them to my will? They're already lost, looking for a saviour." Wang glanced over at Slain Wayne. "Slain wasn't easy. He was a true test of my powers. But ultimately, he fell in line, and through him, I was able to recruit and convert many more from the weak and insipid ranks of this business. Slain will be the key to many doors," Wang chuckled ominously, his face a sinister smile.

"But what do you want? What is your goal? Why are you doing this?" I asked, realizing all of my questions were patently obvious.

"What do I want?" Wang asked rhetorically. "You mean what will I have, don't you? I will have total dominance of all internet porn." Wang answered matter of factly. "It's a little dream of mine."

"That's impossible," I responded, "not even Babenet, or Hustler, or the Russian mob has been able to do that.

Wang simply smiled. "As I said before, Jimmy D, you simply can't see the forest for the trees."

"Oh yeah?" I said in a challenging voice, now gathering some courage. "Maybe I don't want to see your fucking forest, bro! Maybe I'm happy with my trees! And maybe I'm getting tired of this conversation! So get this, gook-boy, maybe I'll just make like one of my fucking trees and leave! How's that, Wang!"

Wang smiled. "I don't think so, Jimmy D."

Just then, Gene Ross seemed to come alive. He looked at me, and as he did, he began tearing his tee-shirt off of his torso. When he had it completely ripped off, I saw, tatooed across his chest in big, bold letters, "WWF FOREVER!" Gene reached up and pulled off his toupee, leaving some scraggly, yellow hair around his head at about the top-of-the-ear line. He tossed the rug aside and reached into his jean's pocket and pulled out a yellow bandana. He put the bandana on his head, like a hat--a pirate hat--and I suddenly realized that he was now a dead-ringer for Hulk Hogan, albeit a smaller Hulk Hoagan.

"You're not going anywhere JimmyD," Gene said, and with that he grabbed me by my shoulder and by the inside of my thigh, lifted me up over his head, and tossed me, wrestler-style, across the patio. I landed just a foot or two short of the pool. I shook my head and looked up. Slain Wayne was looking down at me, a Cheshire Cat grin on his face, "Time to join the club, Jimmy," he said. "Time to get with the program!"

"No!," I shouted, "I'll never become one of you!"

They all laughed and Hulk Hogan-Ross began to approach me with total malice in his eyes. I looked at Wang who was now pushing the button on the girl-controller. The three girl's suddenly came to life and started to move towards me, pussies first, walking on their hands and feet like inverted crabs, or better yet, like naked limbo dancers moving under an imaginary horzontal pole, they're perfect upturned, C-cup breasts, and bald, wet pussies gleaming in the last golden light of the day.

All I could see now was Ross, the three, hairless pussies and the six upturned C-cup breasts, and a laughing Slain Wayne coming towards me. An amused Wanker Wang watched while still stroking the other two girls' behinds. I edged closer to the pool, but when I looked in and saw the bleached Brian Surewood floating there, his penis still ooozing cum out, I knew the pool was out of the question.

"There's no way out of this, Jimmy!" Wang shouted. "You're mine, bro, you're all mine! You and that silly little website of your's!"

I looked up one last time as Gene Ross, the three girls' pussies and breasts, and Slain Wayne all converged on me simultaneously. I closed my eyes, waiting for the worst to happen, when.....



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