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_POSTEDON 2002-07-09 14:49:14 by jimmyd

The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes "

Friends and fans of Dave Hardman may be glad to know that Dave is still alive, but how well he is, that's unclear.

I received an anxious phone call this afternoon from part-time porn performer,lounge singer, and porn salesman, and full-time wannabe Rat Packer, Dino Bravo. According to Dino, Hardman seemed to go crazy when he nearly tore the offices of Best Parts Video apart this afternoon!

When we last heard from Dave Hardman, he was heading to New Mexico to investigate Anistaze Indian legends that purported a great and mysterious peyote grove existed in a secret valley in the mountains. It was either that, or he went there because his girlfriend owned a home and he could pretty much live for nothing. It's unclear which story is most accurate.

But today, Dave, and his girlfriend Cathy West, are in town allegedly because Cathy needed to take care of some personal, unfinished business. Some of that business, it seems, was collecting $300 from Best Parts Video for some business service performed.

According to Dino, Dave and Cathy showed up at Best Parts and everything seemed normal. Dave told Dino that he's working in New Mexico as a care-giver to the elderly. One can only surmise what Dave's duties might entail. A wild guess would put Dave in charge of distributing the Viagra, or providing entertainment to the old biddies, or both. This website, of course, would never engage in wild guessing due to it's news reporting ethics.

Apparently, for some unknown reason, and while Ms. West was receiving her monies, Dave became beligerant with people in the front office and attempted to steal the office Xerox copier. The two women who work the front office--a Vicky and Sigme--began struggling with Dave, attempting to retrieve the copier from him. According to Vicky, who I spoke with by telephone, when they had wrestled the copier away from Dave, Dave grabbed a nearby computer monitor and threw it at the other woman, Sigme. The monitor, I'm told, landed on the woman's foot.

I asked if they, the staff of Best Parts, intended to call the authorities and press charges, and was told that a decision had not yet been made. I was also told by Vicky that she wrote down the vehicle plate number of the vehicle Dave and Cathy were driving, and that they know which hotel the couple are currently residing at. Vicky assured me that if she felt something needed to be done, she would simply tell her husband who, Vicky tells me, is a bad-ass biker with many similar friends.

Why Dave went semi-postal in the offices of Best Parts Video is unclear. According to all the eyewitnesses I spoke with, Ms. West's money was being given to her without a problem and that she, Ms. West, also tried to coax Dave out of Best Part's offices.

Perhaps Dave did find the mythical Anistaze peyote grove, or perhaps he was merely confused. Perhaps there's more to this story than this reporter is aware of. That's anyone's guess. But as of this writing, Dave Hardman is still loose, somewhere in the San Fernando Valley. It's the recommedation of this website that anyone who comes into contact with the Mr. Hardman, should approach him with extreme caution.


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