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_POSTEDON 2002-07-18 11:07:33 by jimmyd

The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes "Man, I didn't know this site had so much power! A few articles by simplyjimmyd and heads roll at major companies.

Yep, according to Gene Ross, some long-time employees of a certain major porn company were ousted due to a series of articles written on this site. Whew! Let me sit down, my head's growing so big from all this head-rolling, I can't hold it up.

But sorry Gene, it's bullshit, fella. Yeah, simplyjimmyd ran a few articles about this particular porn company and some of its inhabitants. And yeah, a chunk of what was written wasn't all sweet and rosey. But to give me credit for the business-demise of some highly-placed people who had been associated with that company we're talking about for nearly a decade--all because this site published a few paragraphs about greed and corruption--is none too believable. I'm surprised you didn't credit me with Harry Weiss's firing from Metro. I certainly wrote some articles making light of him and his PR stunts.

So if any of you buy into this horseshit, I've got some great dot-com stocks I'll sell you.

Let's get this shit straight, since Gene failed to do so when he 'scooped' me: To the best of my knowledge these employees weren't employees at all. They were independent contractors who provided services to this major porn company who has now terminated that relationship.

So people didn't lose their jobs, they lost their 'deals.' They still have their companies who own assets and who provide services. They just won't be using those companies and assets to provide services to this particular porn company any longer. Because, ya see, sometimes the shit just catches up with you. And a few words on a website like this one is nothing compared to the weight of years of lying and stealing and fucking. But the good news is, there's nothing stopping them from offering their services to others.

You might be now thinking, "Oh but you're wrong JimmyD. No one will do business with them now!"

To you I say, "Ye of so little faith!" For if the sacred jiz biz holds true to its usual way of doing things--and it usually does-- there's no transgression so great, no sin so damning, that will preclude you from making another sweet deal with another company who knows full well what kinds of shenanigans you pulled elsewhere. This is why even Gene Ross might still make his living in this biz after leaving Extreme. Such is the way of the porn biz, and the gentle forgiveness that lies in the hearts of pornographers everywhere.

So it seems our cuddly, little porn industry has it's own versions of Enron and Xerox. But don't kid yourselves into believing it's only happening at this particular company. It's all over the place. Trust me on this one.

In closing, and before anyone who still may be inclined to shed a tear for things lost, even if it's someone else's thing that was lost, does so-- sheds a tear that is--please note that these were exceptionally sweet deals that went on for a long, long time! Let's also note that no one is getting badly hurt here financially. Ego's might be bruised. Some minor lifestyle changes might be in order, but this joy ride on the porno gravy train went on for long enough for the key players to accumulate some serious wealth. No one's being added to the unemployment rolls. No one's going to starve or be looking for a cheaper place to live. No one's getting their vehicle repossesed. In fact, no one's going to feel much heat at all.

That's really all I have to say about this. The great and powerful Oz has spoken, although some of you are advised to pay no attention to that man behind curtain.


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