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_POSTEDON 2002-07-20 16:16:05 by jimmyd

News jimmyd _writes "

If your a lonesome Jewish cowboy who thinks you don't get no cowboy respect, cheer up there you shit-stompin' yiddish hombre! The Autry Museum of Western Heritage, located in Griffith Park next to the L.A. Zoo, is hosting an exciting exhibition and it's all about you: "Jewish Life in the American West - Generation to Generation."

Jewish Life in the American West traces the movement of Jewish immigrants from other parts of the world to the American West and explores their lasting legacy.

Weedoggies! The staff of simplyjimmyd.com hopes the curator and staff of the museum did not neglect to include the lasting legacy of our pioneering Jewish pornographers on today's modern Amercan West.

In the spirit of this exhibition, I offer this song, which I copied off of some website. It's called...

Lonesome Jewish Cowboy

I'm just a lonesome Jewish cowboy on the range.
All the shiksa cowgirls think I'm strange.
I left my whole mishpoochah in New York.
I'm surrounded by cowboys eatin' pork.
I'm always getting lost on Saturday.
Cowboys leave me trailing while I pray.
Not one synagog for a thousand miles.
I have to say my brochah near shit piles.
All my Meneschewitz has gone flat
Yarmulke 'neeth my ten gallon hat
Cowboy Morris Goldberg is my name
And driving kosher cattle is my game.

I'm just a lonesome Jewish cowboy on the range.
All the shiksa cowgirls think I'm strange.
The girls in the brothel are surprised.
'Cause I'm the only cowboy circumcised.
Blowing the shofar every year,
Gets me stampeded by the steer
I can't ride on this saddle anymore
All this bouncing's made my tuchas sore
I'm the rootinest tootinest rabbi in the land
But livin' on the range ain't all that grand
Wish I could go home today
But I can't ride the train on Saturday

And don't forget--as reported once before on this site--you can still become an Honorary Texas Jewboy! Just follow this URL and learn how.


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