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The jiz biz is in the toilet.

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_POSTEDON 2002-07-23 15:29:49 by jimmyd

News jimmyd _writes "

I haven't updated in a couple of days. Mostly cuz I'm dry as a bone right now when it comes to porn-journalizing. Above is a banner I'll probly place on the site. Big news, huh? A freaking banner with a bunch of my mugs on it in red. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo, huh?

It's not that I'm not busy. I got shit to do. In fact, I been working hard putting together the last couple of scenes I need to shoot for something I'm so late on delivering that it's keeping me awake nights cuz it's light-years beyond embarassing! Hopefully, I get that done this week and then finish editing in a few. That'll be immense pressure relief for my brain.

I'm busy with other shit too. The other shit I'm not ready to talk about, but when I am, I think it'll be kinda interesting.

I could write about a certain company that's made some serious changes (some of which were attributed to me, but I discounted that shit), and is now, from what I hear, enduring a state of siege. But I'm not gonna write about that cuz the Big Cheese there asked me to stay outa his shorts. Geez, that sounded gay.

In other news, a lot of people in the jiz biz are still fucking each other as usual.

In still other news, many people in the jiz biz continue to do business the same way they've always done it, in spite of the fact the writing is on every fucking wall in town telling them they need to change and adapt. They won't. So, "Ciao," guys. They're like the walking dead but too stupid, or vain, or egotistical to know it. Personally, I'll vote for 'stupid.' Hey! Maybe there's a movie title there: "Night of the Living Pornographers" or how about "Jiz BIz of the Living Dead?"

In still other, other news, I'm thinking of becoming a Druid. I've been researching Druid Paganism and realize it agrees with a lot of stuff I already think and believe. You might not know this but Druids are all over the place, ya just don't know they are because they're kind of low-key. They're not high-profile like Jews or Catholics, or Moslems, or any number of other religions sticking their noses into everyone's business, telling people they can't do this and they can't do that, and telling their sheep to give them money here and give them money there, and if you don't believe like us you're going to Hell, or maybe I'll take down a couple of your skyscrapers and kill thousands of people if I don't like you. No, Druids just kind of mind their own business and go about their lives having fun and doing Druid kind of stuff, and not wishing any harm on anyone, least of all cuz they're not Druids.

By the way, if you were wondering, Druids who hang out with each other, hang out in groups called 'groves.' Yeah, groves like in trees. But they're not just like trees because they don't hang out in groups called 'orchards.' Nope, they're Druid Groves, not Druid Orchards. But come to think of it, gay Druids might hang out in Druid Orchards instead of Groves. I guess it's a fruit thing.

And ya know, that already sounds pretty peaceful to me: a Grove of Druids. Don't that sound nice? I'll bet you'll never read that an Embassy was bombed by a Grove of Druids. I don't think in the history of Druid Groves they ever declared war on anyone. And I'm pretty sure that Druid Groves don't come out against sex like most of the religions on this planet do, well, except maybe for procreation if you're married.

Anyway, that's probably more info on Druids than anyone cared to know, but it's my site, and I'm the one thinking of becoming one, so go fuck yourselves if you don't like it.

Well, I guess that's it. I'll write again when I think of something to write about.

Peace out. (Until I find some other, cool Druid thing to say....and it won't be lame like Namaste.)

Below is another stupid pic of me, in case you weren't already bored enough. I call this one, "PornHeart."


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