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_POSTEDON 2002-07-24 11:59:46 by jimmyd

Email jimmyd _writes "

Apparently, yesterday's article--which was little ado about nothing--stirred something in the Quaze, aka Quasarman, aka Mike Quasar, (famous Mediocre Metro 3 1/2 Star Director) which compelled him to write.

"Dear PornHeart..."

Actually, he didn't include the salutation, "Dear Pornheart," but it woulda been nice had he done so. We're all entitled to our own little fantasies, and I gotta wonder where Q gets off refusing to acknowledge one of mine.

Anyway, here's what my friend, the Quaze, wrote:

"I knew it would happen eventually, Jimmy D, but even I, king of pessimism, didn't expect it so soon. "Grove of Druids?" It's clear that you're creatively spent after only a few months on the job. I tried to warn you. I tried to tell you that having a website is no fun but noooo - you had to go and start one and now look what's happened. You're prattling on about Druids. Druids Jimmy D!!! Pull the plug now while you still have a modicum of dignity. Don't drag out the inevitable as I did. I saw the writing on the wall two weeks into my internet endeavor but I foolishly soldiered on believing that I could always be fresh and witty. I neglected my wife, my pets and my hygiene all for the sake of a few cyber-strangers able to read at or above an 8th grade level who were curious about what it was like to make a living asking sweaty men to hoist their nutsacks for better penetration shots. So very sad.

I've never mentioned this publicly until now but my decision to cease ranting on the internet was hastened by an extensive piece that I had written on Druidism intended for publication on my site. For me, it was my personal bottom. For you I fear it is the beginning of something horrible that can only end in violence.

This is the last time I will offer my advice on the subject.

Your friend,

Quasarman AKA Mike Quasar AKA Guy without a website."

Well, there it be: Quasarman predicts an untimely end for both jimmyD and simplyjimmyd.com. All in the name of Druidism. And who woulda thought that something as peaceful and serene as a Grove of Druids would stir such thoughts or predictions?

But I know you mean well, Q. And I know you have my best interests at heart. And I know you still wish me well, even if you find it more and more difficult to do so because of certain prophetic, cosmic signs you've read.

I've never thought of you as an Oracle, Q. A funny guy, yes... insightful, sometimes... Prophetic? Not until now. But please forgive me if i hope you are wrong.

In another email, and regarding a subject about as removed from a Grove of Druids as one could be, Max Hardcore writes:

"Hey Jimmy,

I read with some disappointment your piece on my case. While I respect your right to an opinion, I am bewildered by it. What is too much you ask? That depends on who you ask. Some would say that any depiction of sex is obscene and should be banned. Others believe that whatever two or more consenting adult choose to do is okay. That's where I stand.

On the other hand, to have people in our industry condemn others in it, is like the pot calling the kettle black. It also plays into the hands of the right wing fundamentalists, because it dilutes our power and effectiveness to lobby for the rights of all adults. And by the way, have you ever seen any of my movies, or more specifically, Max Extreme 04, the video in question? It's pretty standard fare by the way. No fisting, pissing, slapping, choking, forced sex or spitting.

I don't make rape films, bestiality, or scat videos. I make hardcore, piston-pumping, ass-grinding, and sometimes degrading sex. I hold a mirror up to society and say, here it is; look at it if you want to.

So say what you will, and produce what you like, and I'll defend you, and all adult producers, into the grave.


Never let it be said that simplyjimmyd.com is a forum that excludes opinions that are in disagreement with the opinions of this site.

Max, first off, I appreciate your offer to defend me should the occassion ever arise. Also, please know that this ain't personal. This is my opinion. And my opinion is that depicting sex as an intensely degrading experience does not hold a mirror up to society. If it does, we're all in bigger trouble than I already suspect we are in. Besides, you're not making documentary films, bro. You're not doing this to allow society a glimpse of themselves. You're making smut to make a buck. So "Nigger, please!" Let's keep this debate honest, okay?

Just like all Moslems do not defend the rights of some Moslems to do violence in the name of Islam. I will not defend the rights of some pornographers to portray sex as a dirty, despicable, female-loathing, activity, or to confuse sexual activities with other activities like pissing, shitting, battery, rape, pedophilia, or other forms of violence.

You have a free will which allows you to do whatever you want. But I'm not here to defend you're free will's ability to take you wherever it wishes to go. Sometimes it takes you places where you have to go it alone, and perhaps pay a penalty for going there. I'm not a judge, nor a jury. Therefore, I have nothing to say about whether or not a penalty is appropriate in this case. I am familiar--in a general sort of way--with the body of your work, although not the video in question. And frankly, the body of your work is not something I endorse nor wish to defend your right to produce and distribute, although I would defend your right to defend your rights, if that makes sense.

I also want to again state that none of this is about constitutional rights, freedom of speech, or the 1rst Ammendment. We all know it's not about anything as noble as that. Let's just be honest and give it a name: making a buck. Yep, it's all about making a buck, and nothing else. And no one can convince me otherwise; not you, not Jeffrey Douglas, not the Free Speech people. It's all about money, baby. And you're all fooling yourselves if you believe that you've convinced anyone on the planet to believe it's about anything other than that!

I'm not the guy who draws the line for everyone, Max. I'm only a guy who draws the line for three guys: me, myself, and I.

Your shit crosses my personal line. You're also not doing this because you're truly defending the 1rst Ammendment, and you're not the guy they hope to take down so they can take everyone down. So why would I want to contribute to your defense?

If the Free Speech Coalition believes something other than what I'm saying here, let them defend you, I'd rather defend my right to join a Grove of Druids.


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