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_POSTEDON 2002-08-09 12:36:25 by jimmyd

Tales of Pornography jimmyd _writes "

I don't know what's going on over there at generossextreme, but the site has a decidedly gay flavor today. And don't ask me what flavor is gay, I can't give it a name, but I don't have to taste gay to know gay when I see gay, and what I saw on Gene's site today was freakin' gay.

And let's clarify something else right now. I'm not homophobic. In fact, I'm not homo-anything. I have gay in my family which means there's a gay gene or two floating around in an otherwise hetero family gene pool. I'm old enough to know that the family gay gene did not infect me, but it did come close--which is another story I'm not going to go into right now-- and yes, I do sometimes worry that this light-in-the-loafers gene might be lying dormant in younger members of my extended family who have not yet reached puberty. But notice I said 'worry' not 'afraid' which might make me homo-concerned, but certainly not homophobic.

Anyway, back to the point here, there's five-count 'em--five pics that fully qualify as gay content, including the Sharon Kane with a strap-on pic because almost anything Sharon Kane's been in for years now has been gay. And let's not split hairs here in case someone jumps up and says, "au contraire, jimmyd" Sharon does bisexual movies, not gay movies, because in my personal dictionary the term bisexual is an empty word. Why? Because bisexual is gay!

Sorry, but if you're a guy, and you've had a dick in your mouth, your gay. I don't care if your dick was balls deep in female pussy at the time, dick in mouth equals gay. Also, whoever wrote in to Gene and said that the guy who looks like Brandon Iron is gay (there's a dick in his mouth), but the guy who looks like Julian is not gay because it's his dick in the Brandon-guy's mouth, not visa versa, is fucking wrong. Dick in your mouth=gay. Your dick in some guy's mouth=gay. That's it. It's a simple yet accurate way to look at it. If your dick is being handled by a guy (other than maybe a doctor doing some kind of legitimate exam) its gay. If you're not a doctor doing an exam and you're handling some guy's dick, you're gay.

I hope no one thinks I'm being small-minded here. I have gay family and gay friends. I don't have a problem with gay other than I don't think it's particularly natural, but maybe that's me being smallish-minded, not small-minded. I also don't think gay people have a choice about being gay, that is, you're either gay or you're not gay, and because of that I, I'm gay-friendly and gay-tolerant, but I'm still not gay which is what Gene's site is today, and I just thought I'd mention it here.... on my site... for no particular reason other than I don't have anything else to write about.


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