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_POSTEDON 2002-09-13 11:09:45 by jimmyd

Email jimmyd _writes "

Yesterday's article, "The Truth is Out There," prompted some email. Here's a taste:

Hi Jimmy

I owe you one, here is something for your site.

I am definitely seeing things clam up out there. I thought it was just 9/11 fear that there would be another strike or war or something. But the buyers and people who fund these projects (video) are getting much more selective. A year ago, I could have passed off a few "B" girls blended in with some "A" girls for box cover as long as the content was solid. Now they are screaming for every girl to be under 21 and an "A". Yet they are still only shelling out the same money as before.

Several companies have been slowing their own productions and buying less from their directors. I think originally the slowdown was due to DVD. The video-only companies have had to start authoring DVDs cause they are taking so much market share. In some cases distributors are not even buying video, just DVD. So all these "bass-ackwards" companies with their antiquated linear editing systems now have to revamp everything.

Anyway, the business world never stops, just constantly changes, And if you don't as well you fall by the wayside like so many before them. Just don't mortgage your house to build a VHS duplicating system and you will be alright.

By the way, your site is becoming known as "THE ADULT INDUSTRY SOURCE" for info due to your steadfast resolve not to deploy smear tactics on people and leave all the name calling, personal warfare, and childish insults to the less intelligent sites.

Thanks and good luck

jimmyd sez: I'm starting to think the old adage,"The more things change, the more they remain the same," doesn't apply to what's going on in the jiz biz these days. In fact, it looks like the more the shit changes... well, the more it continues to change.

Thanks, "anon," for the insight.


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