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_POSTEDON 2002-09-17 17:51:49 by jimmyd

jimmyD's Opinion jimmyd _writes "

I received this interesting e-mail from a reader:

Dear JimmyD,

Is Peter North gay or what? I read that crap he said on LukeFord about him doing gay porn because he owed some guys some money. He must have owed a shit load of money, because I know I would be robbing liquor stores before I started letting people push my shit in on tape.

Whats the real story Jimmy D? Anyways, I hope you and LukFord.com continue to post those little memories from his past to fuck with his head.

Laters, man

P.S. Keep up the good work, and if you ever need some website help, drop me a line and I'll help you out for nothing because you're a cool mother fucker.


Well Thomas, this cool motherfucker hasn't posted anything about Peter North's past, or any of the other guys who've been outed on lukeford.com and/or generossextreme.com. (Until now.) But I find your email interesting and amusing, and it addresses a serious subject which is the hallmark of this site--serious subjects that is. Plus I might need some website help someday. So with all that in mind, I'll take a stab at this.

Is Peter North gay?

There's two schools of thought on what makes a guy gay. The first one I call the "Gay State of Mind." If a guy has a "Gay State of Mind," then he's most certainly gay. In other words, he thinks gay, he lives gay, he IS gay. Gay is what he is and probably what he's always been. Another man's ass is what turns him on. He loves smoking the big, pink cigar. He may have a noticeable swish to his gate, and he may not. He may be limped-wristed, and he may not. He may speak with a feminine lisp, and he may not. He may wear a full-leather outfit, equipped with one those 1950s, Marlon Brando, "The Wild Ones" motocycle caps, and he may not. He may spend his evenings 'cruising' the gay bars or baths, and he may not. He may be seriously light in the loafers, and yes, he may not. You see, he loves getting his shit packed, and/or packing another guy's fudge. In other words, he lives, breathes, and is committed to being gay.

Does Peter North fall into this category? My guess is no. I really don't know Peter North, but from what I've heard, I don't think he has a "Gay State of Mind." And if these are the requirements you apply to being gay, then my guess is Peter North is not gay. Granted, I don't know this for sure, but it's my best guess.

The second school of thought concerning what constitues gay I call "Gay by Default." Someone is "Gay by Default" if they have ever willfully sucked another man's dick. (For this article's purpose, the word 'ever' is inclusive of the action simply happening once, by choice.) If they've ever willfully allowed another man to plow his ass. If they've ever entered another man's rectum with their dick. If they've ever grabbed hold of another man's cock, whether they then stroked it or not. If another man's naked cock has ever touched them, accept by accident, and determining an accident might be difficult, as the other man's dick was naked after all. If you've ever stared--not glimpsed--but stared, and maybe licked your chops, at another man's cock which was exposed at the urinal next to the one you were pissing in, well, that too might fall into the "Gay by Default" category.

Does Peter North fall into this category? Yes. And so are all the others whose pictures we've seen on these other websites, depicting them engaged in various gay acts, e.g. chugging cock, getting hammered in the ass, hammering another man's ass, fondling another man's genitals or having his genitals fondled my another man. Are these the sort of requirements you use to qualify someone as gay? If so, then as far as you're concerned, Peter North is gay.

I hope this helps enlighten you on this subject. I might collect on that website offer. And if you don't mind, I'd like to add just one bit of advice: Don't even worry about this shit. You know what you are, I know what I am, and who gives a rat's ass about all the rest. Different strokes for different folks even if their strokes include stroking another man's cock with their mouths, hands, or whatever. Look at it this way--everytime another guy goes gay, it's potentially more pussy for you and I.


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