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_POSTEDON 2002-09-24 13:51:04 by jimmyd

FYI jimmyd _writes "Yesterday, my character and my reputation was attacked by Rob Spallone on another site. This attack included libelous remarks and a physical threat. But also yesterday, my daughter was undergoing surgery. There was nothing else on this planet that held any importance to me other than her safe recovery.

Today's another day. I've had time to reflect and consider what was printed. In the 5 or 6 months since Rob and I ended our working and personal relationships, I have refrained from commenting on it. When asked about it, my responses have always been the same: it's either "I don't want to comment," or "We got divorced." In fact, even now I am torn between commenting and not commenting.

Rob, on the other hand, doesn't appear to labor between those two choices. For some reason, he finds it neccessary to continue to wage a campaign--an assault--on both my professional and personal reputations. He's done it a number times in e-print, I'm told he's done it one-on-one with individuals. He's certainly done it in public, as bystanders stood by and watched and listened. Why? I can't explain why. There is no basis for a quarrel between us. There is no debt between us, monetary or otherwise. There are no unresolved work issues, other than what he may imagine, and I have no idea what that might be. I have not wronged him in any way--not then, not now. I have not spoken ill of him. We are not in any real competition for anything. We are just simply done. My emancipation was and is complete and irrevocable. 'Nostro riferimento e morto.' (Our relationship is dead.)

Yet Rob persists.

And even though he persists, I'm not writing this to attack him. In fact, I would rather not write anything about this--then, now, or ever. But I feel like I have to set the record straight on some things that he's said and/or inferred, and I'll leave the rest alone as being either inconsequential or too petty to comment on.

First and foremost, if Rob believes I've stolen the editing system that has been in my sole possession for over two years, and that I work with almost daily, I suggest he file a police report. Although Rob has never had anything whatsoever to do with this editing system--has never had any interest in it at all--he seems to believe somehow that he does. So once again, I strongly suggest that he file a police report. Likewise for my partner in this equipment: The person whom I spent over five years with, in a publicly registered general partnership, working to pay for the two systems we lease-purchased (one of which is in his possession). If he believes I maintain possession of this system through any sort of theft or other criminal means, he too should file a police report. How about this? Why don't the two of them go file a police report together?

You see, this whole 'editing sytem' thing is a fabrication. It's only itent and purpose is to libel me. Luke Ford (published at both pornrumors.com, and the yesportal.com) knows this for a fact to be true, yet he knowingly persists in publishing this lie. You see, since it's been intentionally spoken for publication on an internet news site, it's libel. A friend of mine once told me,"Slander's tough to prove. It's usually one person's word against another's. Libel's different. It's right there in black and white."

Now I want to address this phone payment thing. The cell phone in question is a case of me making good on a committment. Rob entered the contract for the phones. They are Nextel and we got them because Rob thought the walkie-talkie feature of the Nextels would be helpful during productions. I agreed, and also agreed to pay my share. According to Rob, if he were to break the contract before one year, there would be penalties. To avoid Rob incurring penalties, I've agreed to keep the phone and pay for it. Rob knows he only has to FAX me my portion of the bill and he will immediately be sent a check. We've gone through this every month. And every month he balks at FAXing me my portion of the bill. For some reason, Rob seems to think I have no right to a copy of a bill for something that I pay for. This month, for reasons known only to Rob, he decided not to send me my bill. In fact, I don't even know where Rob's office is these days and since I have neither seen nor spoken to him, and since the person who is usually the intermediary in this matter has not seen nor spoken to him the past few weeks, I wouldn't know where to even send the payment. So if Rob needs the money for the phone, FAX me my bill and tell me where I can pay. Simple as that.

But if it really is too much of a nuisance for Rob to send me my bill, then he should turn the phone off. If collecting my share is a hassle, then turn the phone off. If Rob has so much disregard and animosity for me, then turn the phone off. If Rob is looking forward to turning the phone off at the end of the contract year, why wait? Enjoy turning it off now. Simply call Nextel and turn the fucking phone off. There is no favor being done for me by keeping this service on. I'm simply living up to a committment that--if I had my druthers--I would rather be free of.

As far as people not liking me--well, I've found you sometimes don't know who likes you and who doesn't. I'm certainly losing no sleep over it. For those of you who felt you had to choose a side as a result of this 'divorce' (i.e., at the complete exclusion of the other side), I think you are pathetic. I don't care who you are: the owner of a mega-porn company, a casual acquaintance, or anyone or anything in between, you're fucking pathetic and you have no honor or integrity. I certainly never asked anyone to choose a side and those of you who apparently did never asked me anything about this situation. But since you felt you had to choose, for whatever reasons, so be it. Just remember, others often judge you by the company you keep, so whenever something like this happens, if you have to make a choice, try and be sure to make the right choice.

As far as my bad-mouthing people? I'll stand on my reputation. Make up your own minds what the truth is. You decide who is most credible. You're going to make your own call on this anyway, so I'm not going to waste my time or yours putting forth my position.

I'd just like to make one more comment. Rob has stated--in e-print--that our relationship was never a partnership. He's stated that I was simply a hired hand. I accept that. So let me state that I am exempt from any responsibility for any claim or consequence that may be the result of any production Mr. Spallone hired me to work on, and that he solely produced. This includes VCA, Fat Dog, Legend, Filmco, and/or any other company or organization Mr. Spallone has done business with, and then hired me to participate in. Mr Spallone and his S&W Services were the sole and exclusive producers of these projects and as such maintains any and all responsibilities for any claims, liabilities, or consequences that might result from the distribution, publication, and/or exploitation of any written, photographic, videographic, audiographic, or other materials associated with said productions.


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