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_POSTEDON 2002-10-01 17:15:42 by jimmyd

The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes "

Once known simply as Sin City's Israelis, this family business has regrouped and formed Anarchy Films. And from the looks of things, they're rolling forward faster than an Israeli tank column through a Palestinian village.

Anarchy has settled into a new building. It's quite large, located in the heart of Porn Valley, and houses production and administrative offices, a warehouse, a video duplication lab, and a DVD authoring facility.

Anarchy already has 8 titles in the can, and as I write this Rocky Black (Anarchy's line producer) is in the United Kingdom with the Jordan Brothers shooting four more.

Black became acquainted with the Jordans while he was producing for Sin City's Sinister line. When the much-written-about problems exploded (between Sin City and the current Anarchy Films principals), the Jordan's were put into a position where they had to choose sides. Well, maybe not choose sides, but it became apparent to them they weren't going to be able to work for both companies. Regradless of how they made their decision, the choice was made, the Jordans are on-board with Anarchy and working with Black in hopes of branding themselves as a leading, hardcore, gonzo player.

In what appears like something of a 'coup,' Anarchy snagged Sin City's former, look-alike, twin, Russian contract girls. The twins have already been shot by Anarchy for "London Shaggers." The show is currently in post and will release sometime in November.

I'm thinking Anarchy has a lot going for it. It's principals know this business inside out. These people aren't guppies dropped into the shark pond. They've been around. Anarchy's patriarch, Ari, goes way back with many people in the XXX industry. His relationship with Reuben Sturman paved the way for his tenure at Sin City, which in turn, provided the foundation for Anarchy. Besides duplicating for Dave Sturman's production arm, he grew a DVD authoring business that eventually became the mainstay of his business. Although he no longer has Sin City as an exclusive client for both video duplication and DVD authoring, Ari built an additional client base that he retains, and continues to grow.

In addition to Anarchy's newly produced titles, the company has an impressive library of earlier-produced content. It's not often that a new company can jump into the lucrative 'comp' market coming out the gate, but Anarchy could do so anytime it wants. Most new companies have difficulty developing a consistent release schedule, but Anarchy could easily bypass this common problem by exploiting it's 'vaulted' content.

According to Ari, most of the stumbling blocks to resolving his differences with his former 'patron,' David Sturman, have been taken care of, or are about to be finalized.

Personally, I've known Ari for about 8 years and I've never seen him so mellow, so seemingly imperturbable.

"Is this the newer, kinder, gentler Ari?" I recently asked.

He grinned. "You will never know until it is too late."



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