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_POSTEDON 2002-10-17 00:28:44 by jimmyd

The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes "

Sources alledge the perpetrator of the Sin City graffiti-vandalism was none other than Sin City's own publicist, Scott Stein.

It's further alledged that surveilance video cameras caught Stein carrying out his ill-conceived publicity stunt. Not since Harry Weiss (allegedly) tossed that home-made explosive device onto the Metro Studios property, has there been a publicity stunt on this sophomoric level.

Earlier today, I spoke with Irving Greenberg of the L.A.A.R.W.C.G (Los Angeles Anti-Right Wing Christian Graffiti task force) Greenberg told me that while Right-Wing Christian tagging is on the rise in Los Angeles, there seems to be a downturn in the number of young Jewish taggers desecrating our city.

"These are good boys," Greenberg said of the small number of Jewish taggers, "Maybe a little wild, but good." Greenberg also noted, "But these young goyem are out of control with their spray cans and their hooded sweatshirts and their crosses and threats of hell and divine intervention."

When asked if he thought the publicity stunt might incite Right-Wing Christian taggers to increase their misguided, nocturnal religious activities, Greenberg had this to say:

"What do you think? You give these kind of people an inch, they take a mile. This is the kind of publicity they want. Expect to see biblical verse sprayed on walls and buildings all over the city--and not just on porn factories!" Greenberg advised, then adding, "And mostly new testament quotes, you watch and see!"

I also spoke with Digital Playground's legendary publicist, Adella O'Neill. Adella had this to say: "While I might agree it was a bit juvenile of Scott to do this, I still believe there's no such thing as bad publicity or too much publcity. If you want to know the truth, I was thinking of fart-bombing the next Tera Show."

Rumors have it that Sin City's uber-director, Michael Raven, is considering a project loosely based on the graffiti incident. The project, tentatively titled "Tagged by an Angel," has God's own Angel of Death coming to Earth as a San Fernando Valley tagger. The angel has sex in the movie and also vandalizes the West Valley homes of really kinky sexual deviants with religious graffiti just before the over-sexed occupants die horribly accidental deaths as a result of various Acts of God--but only after having really steamy, kinky sex. Critically-acclaimed porn thespian Mr. Marcus is slated to play the Angel of Death/Tagger. Raven promises Act of God special effects that rival anything Charlton Heston's Moses called down on Yul Brynner's Pharoah in the classic film, "The Ten Commandments." Raven claims to have cutting-edge software that will animate swarms of locusts more real than any swarms of locusts ever seen in any porn flick. (Which sounds like cutting-edge software that is more cutting-edge then "Studio Artist," the $499 cutting-edge software recently bragged about by director Mike Quasar in a revised, very important Metro press release.)

Sin City management refused to comment on the publicity stunt. More on this story as it becomes available.


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