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_POSTEDON 2002-11-04 18:04:26 by jimmyd

jimmyD's Opinion jimmyd _writes "It's not often that you come across such candid honesty amongst thieves, hustlers, and con men. The thieves, hustlers, and con men of which I speak are internet trafficteers and adult webmasters. Ok, before anyone gets their panties in a twist, I'm not speaking about ALL adult webmasters, but I am speaking of MANY. You know who you are. Don't even bother with your words of denial because they're falling on deaf ears here. Besides, the only one you need to convince of your innocence is yourself and good luck with that.

Luke Ford's previous home site (he's on his fourth now, if you count his little mainstream producer site), pornrumors.com, recently ran this bit of absolute honesty before it closed it's doors as an adult news/gossip site. The words allegedly belong to "Scott," who allegedly owns the alleged domain, and allegedly paid Luke to allegedly write for it. Also allegedly, Scott is an alleged key member of Luke's so-called, Luke-dubbed, Luke-alleged, Aussie Mafia. In a recent alleged interview with Luke, Scott allegedly promised to "stomp" Luke. So as you can see, Scott is a straight-talking, up front kind of guy, and I don't mean that in an alleged kind of way.

Here's what Scott had to say in regards to internet surfer traffic and adult webmasters in general:

"Paysites (ME) want to fuck the surfer as hard fast and as deep as I can. I'm under no illusions as to what I want to do. Whatever I can get away with on a 3rd partys merchant - I will do. This is my edge - this is how I pay more to webmasters. My only integrity and loyalty is to the webmasters who send me traffic. Period. 3rd party processors want to stop me fucking the surfer too hard so they dont lose their merchants, but still want to let me fuck the surfer enough that they get their cut. Therein lies the philosophical quandry. I guess we kinda sorta do this at the expense of the 3rd party processors merchant relations, although thats why they take such a big percentage (hint - key to the gordian knot solution to the whole problem) I fucking hate you being smarter than me!!!!!!! Confucy - do I rip off surfers. Yes! Do we all? Yes! Everyone who has a "free trial" is misleading the surfer. Everyone who has a "click here for free porn" link on their free site is misleading the surfer. Its a question of degree. I'm happy to debate morals, philosophy and metaphysicas with you all night - but you just arent smart enough to play in my league."

I don't know about any of you, but I personally find this kind of honesty absolutely refreshing! We need more of it here in the traditional porn business. Here's what I'm thinking are the kinds of things porn company owners should come out and say, assuming they're willing to match Scott's candor:

"I only spend good money on the box so I can trick as many of these perverts as possible into buying this piece of shit. I like to call it frosting the turd."

"No one will notice if I shoot a new scene and stick it in with 4 old ones then sell it as a new release; they're too busy whacking off anyway."

"I bought my blank tape off a dock in Hong Kong where it sat in a warehouse for three years. Who gives a shit if it ruins the heads on these perverts VCR's, they already bought the fucking tape."

"So what if it sucks. It's all about fucking anyway. The girl fucks the guy in the video. I fuck the guy who bought the video..."

"If you want to see something that looks good and sounds good, go rent a real movie."

"I'm a professional video store owner and a businessman. If i want to sell a tape for $39.95 that I only paid three bucks for, what's wrong with that? If they're dumb enough to sell it to me that cheap and these pervs are dumb enough to buy it for that much, it's a good deal for me."

"I don't care what you can do with DVDs. I just take the movie off the video, put it on a DVD as cheap as I can, and sell it as a new, digitally mastered whatever."

If I had more time, I could think of a lot more. But you get what I'm saying here: honesty is the best policy. As long as there's thousands and thousands of guys buying 8-hour comps of years-old scenes, duplicated on used, single-sided, one-pass tape, there will be a market for shit.

And to Scotty down under, I have this to say: Keep fucking everyone as hard as you can, mate. That's your edge. Rip the suckers off--they'll keep coming back for more. You know how I know that? The "Porn Valley Precedent. " Sorta goes like this-- When it comes to porn, no matter how hard you fuck 'em, no matter how bad the shit is, they'll keep cumming back for more and more!


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