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_POSTEDON 2002-11-08 17:57:01 by jimmyd

Sin City Story jimmyd _writes "

Riding on the phenomenal success of Michael Raven's epic porn masterpiece, "Paradise Lost," Sin City publicist Scott Stein (free on probation after his ill-fated Christian Right-Wing graffitti stunt. See story HERE) announced today that Sin City will be joining the current porn cereal craze.

Scott had this to say in a recent press release: "We've looked at the market and we think it's solid and holds immense potential. Digital Playground's "Tera Flakes" are on the shelves at most supermarkets. Anabolic has "Gape Nuts." Extreme came out with "Shredded Meat." Vivid has their toaster breakfast bar in the shape of Vivid girls called "Vivid Pop Tarts." And Metro recently got into the action with their "Corn Wops" cereal. Even the gay porn companies are jumping into this one. Falcon Films recently unveiled "Falcon's Fruit Loops" to the public and we hear sales are brisk. At first, we were developing "Sin City-O's," but after careful marketing analysis and testing, we decided to go ahead with a cereal based on Michael's recent film, "Paradise Lost."

Scott went on to say that he expects "Paradise Frost" cereal to be on most supermarket shelves by the first of the year.

Sin City's legendary Art Director, Mark Snyder, had this to say about the box: "It was a real challenge to go from porn boxes to cereal boxes, but I think we finally came up with an artistic concept the general public will embrace. We certainly wanted to get nudity on the boxcover, and we finally came up with the idea of using nude Rennaisance Art figures. We think it's powerful, yet doesn't detract from the crunchy, tasty appeal of the cereal."

Look for Sin City's "Paradise Frost" cereal in early 2003.


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