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_POSTEDON 2002-11-11 11:52:52 by jimmyd

Email jimmyd _writes "A few days ago I posted an email from a "Big Joe," along with a few comments of mine ("Is This Business Killing Itself?"). This morning, I received the following email which addresses some of the same points.

Hi Jimmy D...

While I agree (to an extent) that it LOOKS like "perverts and idiots" run the porno industry, "Big Joe" has been around for a year. What he doesn't know yet is that this industry has been running that way for a long, long time. In the late 80's, when Video Exclusives started running mail order ads for one-cent videos, the death of porn was foretold, citing the destabilization of the market as the fatal shot. It didn't happen. There are vast numbers of just this kind of story.

I've called this business home for over 14 years, and I have long since ceased to be surprised by what APPEARS to be rampant idiocy and mayhem. I have worked for quite a few companies, and have listened more than I've talked over the years. This biz is the exception to every rule in the book, absolutely defying logic and reason. I wonder how many case studies the porno industry has inspired at places like Harvard Business and Colombia U. Those who apply normal, accepted logic and math to the adult industry are missing the point and will remain hopelessly confused. This business is virtually recession-proof, republican-proof, and yes, even idiot-proof, notwithstanding the infighting, the chaos and the apparent headlong race toward self-destruction.

Every year (Month? Day?), someone says the same thing that Joe said, yet somehow we continue onward. Somehow, us bungling idiots still manage to break new ground, taking things like the internet or media-specific utilization to new heights with budgets that Hollywood wouldn't get out of bed for. So outwardly, to the rookie (all due respect) or the casual observer we look as though we're in the midst of self-destruction, yet it's just business as usual. Calm down Joe, and stop trying to apply logic where it's not warranted or doesn't work. We're not putting rockets into space, here, and those who insist on applying the "rocket science" mindset to the everyday workings of the jizz-biz will wind up in a rubber room. Look at it that way, and you'll start seeing the real genius of the adult entertainmment business, and the perple in it. Besides, do you really think the the mainstream side is any less chaotic?

Think about it...if we're all as stupid as you say, yet the stuff still gets out the door, what does that mean? Luck? I dunno, Joe, but you'd think that luck would run out after 40 or so years. After all, there will NEVER be a time when people don't want their skin flicks.

I work for a very cool company, I love this business , and I enjoy what I do. If that makes me an idiot or a pervert, fine.

And long live the mayhem.

Charlie Lynch


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