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_POSTEDON 2002-12-09 16:55:10 by jimmyd

The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes "

Just when the porn world was beginning to feel safe again, he's back. Kid Vegas, that is. And in this iteration of KV, he vows to conquer the world of smut journalism.

I received this email from the Kid just a few short days ago:

"Are you all sick of hearing a web-site that just gets comments from a webmaster that calls himself different names like Paul Flashburn, Wanker Wang, Volt? Why continue to listen to views from a webmaster, especially one that is less than 2 years old in this industry that works directly and under the thumb with one company, Analbolic. Here is a site that has NO competition, a site of someone that has been around 5 years. A man that has started all the internet talk, gossip, a made me become what I am. setgo.com Check out the site it will be the only I will comment on from now on. A site that minimizes editing, a site that puts out the truth, a site that does not pick and choose like Jimmy D, Luke Ford, or pressured to write only for a company like Gene's retired site. I will personally be showing you my new powers of the press this week from now on, on setgo.com. So get off your backs, and check out."

Well, my attitude is 'the more the merrier.' (In about a week or so, there will be an announcement of yet another site of this sort jumping into the fray which is OK since, with Gene Ross gone, there's an open slot.) Actually, I'm thinking if we could get a few more people into this, we could start a 'Porn News Writers Guild.' We could meet the second Tuesday of each month at The Lamplighter on DeSoto or something. And with a 'Guild' maybe I could finally get some health insurance benefits and a credit union! Anyway, I thought I'd send the kid my well wishes for his new career and I wrote him this:

"Good luck. That site (setgo.com) needs some personality which i'm sure you'll provide with your own, unique style--jd"

Today I received this from the Kid wherein he details more of his plans for total world domination of jiz biz reporting:

"Oh, yeah it will blow up, cuzz I have my way of marketing. Just like I did to Gene's, Lukeford, and everyone that has a site of any significance. Remember I was nominated against companies, thats right, for Best Marketing Campaign, Individual Project in "99." It will have many other views then just 2 or 3 like yours and lukeford.com, and mikesouth.com, talent, directors, etc. I promise in 6 months it will get more hits than any other adult gossip site on the net I will make sure of it. --Kid "

There you have it! A new kid on the block who vows to make it HIS block.


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