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_POSTEDON 2002-12-17 23:44:13 by jimmyd

Tales of Pornography jimmyd _writes "In my opinion, Bryan Sullivan's a fraud! He ain't no terrorist, he ain't no stalker, he ain't dangerous, and the only thing he might be guilty of is being Gene Ross's pawn. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I had a chance to speak with Mr. Sullivan the other night. Earlier that day he emailed me. His email included one sentence: "GIVE ME A CALL [COLLECT IF YOU HAVE TO] AT: [XXX] XXX-XXXX."

Throughout the day, I asked a lot of people if I should--call that is--and unanimously everyone recommended that I should not. But being the hard-boiled journalist that I am--ok, maybe in the real world of journalism I'm not a bona fide journalist--but being the faux-journalist I am, I couldn't resist. Besides, I've always smelled a fish with this whole Bryan Sullivan thing, so I thought, "Let me see what this guy has to say."

I called Bryan that evening, not collect by the way. Within a few moments of speaking to him, my reporter's instincts seriously doubted that he's a freaking whacko, that he has a warped or deranged mind, or that he poses any threat to anyone in this business or any other. My general conclusion was that he's basically your average, working-class, stiff--maybe sometimes a bit bored and in need of some attention--who goes to work each day, plays PlayStation 2 with his kid, fucks around on the internet while his live-in girlfriend is at work as a nurse at a local hospital, and generally lives a mundane kind of middle-American life--not that there's anything wrong with any of that.

But still, this guy has written some pretty nasty shit to a whole lot of folks in the jiz biz and it sounded an awful lot like he had some kind of psycho-sexual-religious axe to grind. So being the inquisitive faux-journalist that I like to think I am, I asked Bryan about a few things to try and get a handle on this bizarre game he's been playing.

First off, I asked Bryan why he hates porn and pornstars the way his writings seem to indicate.

Bryan told me he does not hate porn or pornstars, in fact he's a big fan with over 200 porn DVDs and many more videos in his personal library of smut.

"But what about that 21 count indictment?" I asked.

Bryan told me there is no 21 count indictment. In fact, there's no indictment at all. Bryan says an indictment like that would be a public record and he invited me or anyone else to check it out for themselves. I didn't. Maybe someone else will, or maybe someone else knows something that contradicts Bryan's assertions.

"Well where did that whole 21 count indictment thing come from?" I asked.

"Gene Ross's idea," Bryan contends. But again, I'm getting ahead of myself. Now please remember as you read that this is what Bryan Sullivan told me. I have no axe to grind with Gene Ross or Extreme Associates. If anyone has credible information that says this is untrue, please let me know and I'll be glad to publish it.

"What about the FBI?" I asked. "They came to see you, right?"

Bryan told me that they did; a couple of times. And he also told me that they asked him to come down to their offices, which he did. He said the only reason they visited him was because of insistence they've received from the FBI's San Diego office to check him out. According to Bryan, they reported back that they did not believe Bryan posed any sort of threat. Bryan says the FBI suggested he quit sending out his emails, especially to females in the adult business as he's made some of them pretty nervous. According to Bryan, he's taken their advice, at least where it concerns females.

"How did you start writing all this shit you've been spewing?" I asked.

And this is where it gets interesting. According to Bryan, he was surfing around the net until one day he came across Gene Ross's Extreme site. He said he started reading it regularly. He also would look at Extreme's public page (the one that anyone clicking on Gene's site would be forwarded to when they tried to exit generossextreme.com.) Bryan told me he got a kick out of all the whacky shit that was posted on Gene's and Extreme's sites. (I'm guessing he meant feeding a small dog to a snake, that sort of thing.) "Muckraking at its finest," was Gene's motto and Bryan Sullivan thought it was pretty fucking funny muckraking at that. So Bryan thought he'd join the party, the Extreme party that is, and he began writing Gene these barely coherent, off-the-wall, whacky emails that made it look like Gene had found himself a real live porn stalker.

"Gene Ross encouraged me," Bryan said. He said that as Gene began posting his stuff, he also encouraged him to write more and more whacky shit.

By this time I'm thinking that if all this alleged shit about Gene Ross and his Bryan Sullivan connection is true, and since Bryan Sullivan was made to look like a lunatic monster, he's Gene's monster--make that Gene Rossenstein's monster.

Bryan then told that he was getting such a kick out of the whole thing, he decided it was time to up the ante and begin sending out his lunatic ravings in bulk mail. He indicated he had some help getting all those email adddresses. I can only wonder where that help came from. Pretty soon it appeared that the jiz biz had its very own psychopath haunting its citizens. Again, from Bryan's point-of-view, all of this was basically no different from the kind of shit that Gene and Extreme were posting regularly.

Of course, as Bryan's emails became more regular and more bizarre, it soon began making a whole lot of people nervous. And soon thereafter, the FBI entered the picture, especially on the urgings of one of porn's most respected ambassadors.

According to Bryan, he wasn't the only one the FBI visited. Bryan claims the FBI also visited Gene Ross and the Extreme offices asking questions about a certain Mr. Bryan Sullivan. According to Bryan, almost immediately after the FBI visited Gene and Extreme, all the pissing content and other outrageous shit disappeared from Extreme's and Gene's websites--at least on the public portions of the websites.

I then asked Bryan about the religious connection that seemed to be included in his emails. Bryan assured me he's no religious guy, although by putting the religious slant on his writings, it made him seem even more 'out there.'

Well, that's it for Part One of my Bryan Sullivan exclusive. I just got home a bit ago from shooting smut all day and I'm tired. But I'm going to write more. I'm going to tell you who Bryan believes was behind those "Chad Luke" letters many of you received some time ago--the one's that were postmarked from Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm also going to tell you what Bryan had to say about the Mr. Marcus Message Board, and who Bryan claims some its loudest, most offensive posters have been. On the lighter side, Bryan's going to put together his list of "Bryan Sullivan's Top Ten Porn DVD's" (forget about Rog's Reviews and Adult DVD Talk, now we have Bryan Sullivan.) Bryan will also put together his lists of the "Best Porn Companies" and "Bryan Sullivan's Favorite Pornstars." You might be surprised to find out who is on those lists, then again, you might not.

Shooting again tomorrow. Time to hit the hay...


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