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_POSTEDON 2002-12-23 10:57:59 by jimmyd

The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes "You know, I'm starting to figure out this Carly Milne. She's a pretty shrewd operator. When she first announced she was going to jump into the porn news/gossip/bullshit site business with her pornblography.com, I warned her against it. I told her it was too time-intensive. I promised her it would become like an albatross around her neck. I prophesied she would spend far too many hours devoted to this thing that held little in the way of real and meaningful rewards. I predicted she'd suddenly find herself having to sacrifice other parts of her life in order to care for and feed this monster she was about to create. I recounted the many nights I've spent, in the wee hours, thumping my brain for anything that I could post up on my retarded site.

But I've underestimated this Carly girl.

Upon carefully reviewing her site, I've realized that Carly (very cleverly) lets many others do much of the writing for her. You have to hand it to her, it's freaking brilliant!

I predict that Carly Milne will become the Tera Patrick of porn journalism; that is, just like Tera has risen in the ranks of pornstars to become a major phenomenon, if not "the" quintessential pornstar--and doing so without actually having to do much fucking in front of a camera--Carly Milne will rise in the ranks of porn journalists to become "the" porn journalist, and will do so without every having to spend much time actually writing anything.

It's apparent that Carly is much smarter than I am. She's also much smarter than Mike South (as if that would be tough, considering his inbred, hillbilly, genetics). And she's even smarter than the very inscrutable Wanker Wang. She has figured out how to do this thing we do without having to do much of anything at all. And that's pretty fucking slick.

You go, girl.


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