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_POSTEDON 2002-12-24 15:09:23 by jimmyd

FYI jimmyd _writes "

Posting today on yesportal.com, long-time, adult-biz, director Henri Pachard did some reporting on sites that do some reporting on, about, and for the jiz biz.

Mssr. Pachard (yes, his name is pronounced like it's French, although he ain't French, which is why he's not generally rude and/or annoying), anyway, Henri was good enough to mention this site in his column. I only mention this for two reasons: first, being in the giving, holiday spirit like I am, it gives me an opportunity to link Yes Portal's URL here so they might get a bit of traffic for a change; and second, my ego is such that I rarely miss an opportunity to post something that someone else has posted about me, providing I'm amused and/or gratified by said post.

Here's an excerpt, i.e., the part that's about me. If you want to read the rest of it, go click on the link above. This is, of course, the best part:

"Whatís also interesting are some of these smaller sites that I like to describe as "Sites with a Ďtude" that are run by guys who could care less who they offend, shock or dismay. They answer to no-one, while the bigger sites carrying any news and gossip sheets about the industry tend to remain positive with their comments and opinions. As big as AVN is, for example, it knows that itís a trade publication that is supported by the industryís advertisers. But sites that feature its members who post their comments on every kind of topic about porn, such as RAME and Adult DVD Talk.com are relentless in laying it on the line.

But as long as Iím writing about this topic, I want to definitely mention Simply Jimmy D, an outrageous and knife-throwingly accurate industry gossip, news, commentary and opinion type of "Fuck-you-hereís-the-real-story-dickhead-no-prisoners" website that reports on all kinds of shit that goes down in the industry. Jimmy D. is James DiGiorgio, one of the industryís well-known director/cameraman/writer/editors. Nobody can do all that plus run a website, except Jimmy D. No wonder heís cranky at times."

Thanks Henri! But what's this 'cranky' shit? I'm the most even-tempered, mellow, unflappable guy I know. And anyone who doesn't think so can go fuck themselves.


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