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_POSTEDON 2002-12-26 21:43:06 by jimmyd

FYI jimmyd _writes "A lot of people ask me what's with that big, can't-miss-it, "Antelope Valley Adult (AVA)" banner on my page. Well, the good people at AVA--that is, the owners/webmasters--are first and foremost, very good friends of mine. So even if they didn't host this site, simplyjimmyd.com, I'd still give them a prominent spot on here.

I've said a lot of times that I don't make any money off this bullshit I write. But a little-known fact is that it doesn't cost me jack either--other than my time, which a lot of people like to tell me ain't worth much anyway. You see, my good buddies who own and operate the server where sites like AVA, simplyjimmyd.com, Bloodquest ( a Mudd game), and others reside, host my shit for free--gratis--nada dime.

Now I know simplyjimmyd.com has an international readership. And it's true the AVA is a regional site mostly for people living in the Antelope Valley (Palmdale, Lancaster, and remote, dust-blown, desert communities like that). But you know what? You never freaking know when you might find yourself in the Antelope Valley. Trust me, it's happened to me plenty of times: One minute I'm relaxing somewhere placid and serene, and the next I find myself amidst the hustle-and-bustle of a thriving metropolis like Rosamond or Mojave. You just never know.

So next time you think fate might somehow trick you into visiting the Antelope Valley, you might think about visiting Antelope Valley Adult before you go.

By the way, a little known Antelope Valley trivia fact is that pornstar Cherry Mirage used to live there. And if I'm not mistaken, Johnny Thrust lives there as well. Hell, there's probably a whole bunch of porn folk out there with the sand and the wind and the many, many, all-you-can-eat buffets.

So next time you think, "What the fuck does the Antelope Valley have to do with the jiz biz?" Think Cherry Mirage, Johnny Thrust and maybe many others: Proud residents of that desert Eden where the deer, and more importantly the antelope, once roamed.


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