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_POSTEDON 2002-12-28 10:54:04 by jimmyd

The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes "

I read a small tidbit over at setgo.com which reports that 70's pornstar Rhonda Jo Petty is building a website and might be attending the show in Vegas coming up soon.

This got me to thinking about the early days of porn-on-video. I admit I didn't watch too much porn before I entered the biz in the early nineties when suddenly I was required to watch a lot of porn--as an editor I didn't have much choice. But when I was in the mood to commit three pops--pop a pornvid in the VCR, pop a chubby, and pop a load--two of my personal favorites were Rhonda Jo Petty and Desiree Costeau.

Now I find out that one of the prime objects of my earlier fantasy/maturbation life might be attending an event that I'll be attending--and both of us as insiders--and I'm thinking there's a reasonable chance I could meet Ms. Petty.

But then, I'm wondering if I really want to meet her. It's been around 30 years since Rhonda Jo made movies like "Sweet Dreams Suzanne," which I wanked off to more than once, and I'm thinking that there's a reasonable chance the years haven't been too kind to her. If so, it's going to be more than a small let-down for me.

My favorite scene in that particular movie, as I recall it, has a lingerie-clad Rhonda Jo being chased by a bunch of very-aroused gardeners. They run her down, tackle her, drive four stakes into the ground, tie her spreadeagled to the stakes, rip off her lingerie and fuck her mercilessly. It's Rhonda Jo's character's own fantasy dream, and of course, she loves every moment of it. To this day, every time I see a couple of gardeners I'm thinking of rope, stakes, and Rhonda Jo.

Should I simply maintain the images of a young and vivacious Rhonda Jo in my mind? Should I risk those images becoming shattered by a late-forties to fifty-ish woman whom I once lusted for, but now shows the strain of three decades on her face and body? I'm sure I could still easily get off watching a Rhonda Jo Petty flick. But could I still do so after meeting a possibly matronly, falling-apart-at-the-seams Ms. Petty? Of course, I've met women in that age-bracket who are still very sexy, attractive, and able to re-direct my blood flow in a Southerly direction. And maybe Rhonda Jo falls into that category. Man, I hate thinking about shit like this.

Oh well, like it or not I'll be pondering this for a bit.


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