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_POSTEDON 2002-12-30 20:53:38 by jimmyd

Elegant Angel jimmyd _writes "

Any of you remember that report I wrote about my field-trip to Elegant Angel about three weeks ago? Maybe you never read it? Ok, so click here--and you can go read it now. But hurry up, will ya? I ain't got time to sit here and wait for you to go read something you should have read already. I got a lot to say, and I'm biting my tongue waiting to say it, but I'll still wait till you get back. But hurry the fuck up!

Ok. Part 2 of my field-trip to Elegant Angel is starting right... about... now!

After the meeting with Pat Collins, Tony Cannolli offered to take me on a tour of the building and to meet some of its inhabitants. I think I mentioned in my initial field-trip report that the place is kind of messy. I don't mean dirty, I mean a bit disorderly-- a little cluttered--not completely unkempt, but not too kempt either. I've found that creativity is not usually a product of an overly-neat, sanitized environment. I've also not met too many creative people who are out-and-out anal-retentive about neatness. Your brain has to work very free-formishly to produce creativity, at least mine does. So with me, clutter helps. Conversely, over-neatness stymies my imagination. You should see my bedroom I'm sitting in right now--it's a fucking mess! But sometimes when it's extra-messy like it is right now, I feel like I could conjure up a cure for cancer while sitting in here. That's the power of clutter.

I guess I'm getting a bit off-track, so let me get back to what I want to write about which brings me to WHO I want to write about--I'm talking about this chic-Director, Mason. That's her picture up above, wearing the inflatable moose head. I've never interviewed a person in an inflatable moose head before, but I thought, "What the fuck?" There's no real rules to interviewing or being interviewed. Are the Interview Police going to come and cite us for some kind of interviewing misdeamenor? I don't think so. But before I tell you about Mason, who is quite possibly the most attractive woman I've ever seen in an inflatable moose head, I thought I'd share a little about her work.

Tony Cannolli had given me a batch of Mason movies to watch. I knew I wasn't going to watch all them. I have to watch porn for a living. And when you have to do that, you get a bit burned-out on this shit. So just watching one--on my own time--was going to be a chore. After a quick game of eenie-meenie-meiney-moe, I picked one. It turned out to be the one with the gold stickers on it that said "Editor's Choice--Adam Film World" and "Editor's Choice--AVN." It's called "Lady Fellatio -- In the Dog House!" Yep, there's a real dog on the boxcover along with the obligatory naked chic. The dog's naked too, unless fur counts as clothes, which I'm not really sure if it does. I couldn't see if it was a bitch dog or not. I'm pretty sure it was a Rottweiller which are pretty sexy dogs, at least the girl ones are if you're into that sort of thing, which I'm not so don't get any ideas.

And just in case you haven't figured it out by the title, this is a blowjob tape.

Blowjob tapes are a fairly recent phenomenon in the jizz bizz. I think they really got going a couple of years ago. And they make a lot of sense, at least to their producers: First off, they tend to be cheap to make. Whereas you pay a girl $800 for a standard b/g scene, and the guy somewhere around 4-5 hundred, there's plenty of female talent who will do a BJ scene for about two-bills, and the guys anywhere from $50-100. (The concept of getting one's dick sucked by a hot, sexy, babe, and getting paid for it is still practically unfathomable to me.) Anyway, if you're piggy-backing these blowjob scenes with something else you're shooting, the price can even be less. BJ scenes are also quick to shoot--most scenes run between 7-12 minutes depending on how many BJ's you're putting on the tape. The setups are usually simplistic, maybe with a couple of lines of talking or a strip-tease by the girl, or something on the lame side like that. The real beauty of these BJ tapes is they sell for almost as much and almost as well as a tape with complete scenes, but for a fraction of the production costs. Solo masturbation tapes kind of fall into the same category and for mostly the same reasons. I know Wildlife even puts out a handjob tape. Still no all-cunnilingus tapes to my knowledge, and I guess it would take a panel of psychologists and sociologists to explain why.

There didn't seem to be one, central theme to this BJ tape. Sure, there's a dog there, but not in every the scene. There might have been some dog-related symbolism in each scene, but I'm not much of a symbolism-in-porn kinda guy, so if there was, it went way over my head. Maybe I'll send a copy to Mike Raven and see what he thinks.

But there was one thing that really stood out for me in this tape. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's sort of like Mason is afflicted with some kind of Multiple-Pornshooter-Personality-Disorder (I'll refer to this as MPPD from this point on). Every freaking scene looked as if someone different had shot it!

I asked about this. Actually, I asked if Mason shot all the scenes in the flick, or did they put in some scenes shot by someone else. I was assured these scenes were all Mason. Well, being a guy who's shot hundreds and hundreds of scenes, I was pretty intrigued by this MPPD thing. Most shooters develop a style that's their own--some good, some pathetic. Most good shooters are able to mimic other shooting styles--like the MTV spastic-cam style, or the NYPD BLUE back-and-forth-and-up-and-down-and-over-here-and-over-there-all-in-one-take-cam style--but this shooter, this Mason shooter with MPPD, seemed to have a different look, a different style, a different approach to almost every scene (well, maybe not every scene because I didn't watch EVERY scene but I watched enough of them to notice the many styles, looks, and approaches).

And Mason puts herself into some of these scenes. No, I don't mean she holds the camera, bends over, and sucks a dick into her own mouth--although that would be neat trick, especially wearing an inflatable moose head--I mean she gets into this running dialogue with the girl doing the sucking. And I have to admit, it's pretty effective. I mean, who wants to hear some faceless guy behind the camera asking questions of some chic with a mouthful of cock? But when it's another chic doing the asking, that's different. That works. That's stimulating.

"You like having that big cock in your mouth, don't you bitch?" Mason asks in an authoritative voice.

"Mmmmm, yes." the cock-chugger responds, looking up into the lens, gobs of cock-flavored saliva dripping off her chin.

That works for me, even if the "cock-flavored" part sounds a bit gay. I've seen tapes where the shooter, i.e., the guy other than the guy getting his dick sucked, asks these sorts of questions in a very manly, stern voice. But when I do, I can't help but think, "Dude--If you're as manly and stern as your voice is putting on, why aren't you sticking YOUR dick in the chic's mouth?" You see what I mean? It just becomes 'talking shit.' It's like when Snoop Dog talks all his shit in his Hustler videos--all that "I'm a mothuh-fucking playa" shit--but his dick never comes out of his pants. But when another woman asks from offscreen, I don't know, the effect is totally different and it works.

But don't let me mislead you. This talking to the cock-smoker schtick isn't what goes on throughout the tape. Like I said, each scene I viewed was completely different in style, look, and approach. I'm watching one scene and thinking, "She ain't all that--she's wagging that camera all over the place." And the next scene has me thinking "Damn she's got some smooth-moves with that thing!"

While one scene is all nitty-gritty in it's look with muted colors and spastic cam moves, the next one is color-saturated, with smooth, glide-cam looking shots and an almost high-end Playboy look to it. Impressive.

So I'm sitting with Mason talking with her. She's seems a little guarded. Maybe she hasn't had much experience speaking with a famous journalist like myself. I'm trying to relax her--to get her to open up. I put on the famous JimmyD charm, get a laugh or two out of her, and finally she figures out I'm just another fucking clown in pornographer's clothing and begins to let me nudge my way into her world, but only a little.

I start out asking her the obligatory AVN interview questions: How long have you been doing this? What's your favorite scene you've shot? How did you get into this? All that kind of innocuous, insipid shit. And while I'm asking she's rightfully giving me this "these questions are so lame" kind of look, which is pretty intimidating when the 'look' is coming from a big, inflatable moose head. So I decide to change course and ask a tough question: "What's with the inflatable moose head?"

"Don't you have any interesting questions to ask?" She asks.

"Hey! I'm asking the questions here, bitch!" Is what I would have like to have said, but instead I said, "Uhmm...sure. Let me think."

I hate being put on the journalistic defensive like that. I'm not so good under pressure. And I'm really not so good of thinking up anything when that pressure's on. I think Mason picked up on this, so she simply started telling me about herself. This is some of what she told me as best I remember it. (I'm not a note-taking or audio-recording kind of guy, so if I got some of this wrong, well, I got it wrong....so sue me.)

Her parents know all about what it is she does and they're completely alright with it, in fact, they provide encouragement. She doesn't intend to stay in porn, it's something she wanted to do, and she's doing it--She'll give it maybe a couple of years and then re-evaluate. She's intensely loyal to Patrick Collins, and she's intensely grateful to him for giving her this opportunity. She loves what she's doing. She's still learning the art and craft of editing, which she realizes is so important to doing good work. Her personal sex life has not been effected by her daily exposure to porn. A lot of this is new to her and she finds it exciting, at least for now. Her future plans aren't planned. She wears an inflatable moose head only when clowns in pornographer's clothing and holding a digital still-camera want to take her picture. Did I mention she's intensely loyal to Patrick Collins?

I'm not sure where Mason will ultimately end up in her professional life. I'm not sure Mason has a good idea about that either. If I might be so bold to make a prediction, I think--and hope--she'll remain somewhere, someplace, in the world of digitally or photographically recorded moving pictures. She obviously has a gift for it. Pat Collins see's her gift. I can see her gift. And I think her MPPD is a big plus!

I'm thinking it's going to be interesting watching Mason's ascension in the jizz bizz, or whatever other moving picture-bizz she ascends to.


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