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_POSTEDON 2003-01-03 13:32:25 by jimmyd

Tales of Pornography jimmyd _writes "

Jeremy Steele's 9/11 Conspiracy Theory thread on The Jizz Bizz Message Board has evoked a state of general paranoia in my mind. I'm starting to see conspiracies and cover-ups everywhere.

My LFP/Borg prognostication was born of a very real fear that someday the world of pornography will strictly be the domain of Larry Flynt and his LFP/Borg Empire. Now, a new and potentially mind-numbing conspiracy/cover-up theory has taken hold of my current, paranoid view of the adult world.

As much as I enjoyed reading and viewing the pics of the "Orgy at Carly's" posted at Carly's site it has suddenly dawned on me that a well-known pornstar was conspicuously absent from the orgy: None other than Metro's long-time, albeit currently contract-less, contract girl Houston. And here's where I'm thinking a cover-up might be taking place-- Carly Milne is Metro's publicist. An impromptu orgy ends up taking place at Carly's domicile and includes all--ALL--of the Plastic Fantasy dolls but one. Yep, you guessed it, Houston.

Could it be that Carly is covering up for (what may have been) Houston's over-the-top, shameless behavior at the orgy? Could Carly and Houston have had their own, private little orgy? Could something even more nefarious or obscene have taken place? After all, there were hints of beastiality at the orgy. Is it a mere coincidence that Carly reports to the same porn mob that Houston reported to for so long a time? Has Carly compromised her journalistic integrity by sanitizing a story that might jeopardize her soft, cushy job with Metro? Are they hiding some hideous, plastic-surgery-gone-wrong, atrocity on Houston's 'Plastic Fantasy' clone? Has Carly been threatened with a long nap with marine animals should the shocking truth about Houston's involvement become public knowledge?

These are questions that demand answers!

More on this as I quest to discover the truth. And if there's one thing I learned from watching all those 'X Files' episodes: The truth is out there.


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