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_POSTEDON 2003-01-23 18:41:02 by jimmyd

FYI jimmyd _writes "

ABC's Primetime Thursday with Diane Sawyer will air a special porn tribute tonight. Ok, maybe it won't be a tribute, but it might be interesting watching all the same. I heard a radio ad for it few minutes ago, and included in the ad copy were words like "lives shattered," and "you'll be surprised who's getting rich off of porn." Personally, I'm always surprised how many of us are NOT getting rich off of porn--I guess that's part of the 'bemused director' in me.

My guess is--and this is only a very wild guess-- this "behind-the-scenes, in-depth" look at the jizz bizz will have an anti-porn bias. D'uh! Ya think?

If you want to read about the program, here's a link to ABC's site with a write-up on it. The segment's title is "Love On A Porn Set." It features Belladonna and Nacho Vidal. What'd'ya want to bet there's not going to be much love coming from ABC?

As Tod Hunter has warned over and over when it comes to mainstream news crews: "These people are not your friends."

I'll bet it turns out Tod's right again.


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