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_POSTEDON 2003-01-24 20:52:33 by jimmyd

Digital G jimmyd _writes "

My friend Robert Lombard, Digital G's Director of Talent and affable liaison to the rest of us, decided to have his say about ABC's pornumentary.

Robert Lombard writes: In regards to the ABC PrimeTime Special. We should read between the lines of this report. One type/genre of pornography was dragged through the mud. This type/genre I must agree is most degrading to females but "Freedom Of Speech" for those who produce this type content allows them do so. However, I truly believe the higher end Adult Content providers like Vivid, Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground, VCA, etc., along with utilizing the likes of solid directors like; Michael Raven, Brad Armstrong, Jane Hamilton, JimmyD, Nic Cramer, etc., etc., will also view this report as reaching out for them in a 'round about way' to continue producing/directing couples oriented Adult content.

The corporations that have a part in providing this content to the consumer will continue to thrive and the non degrading side of pornography/sexuality will win out. There are a lot of 'closet adult fans' that will come out of the closet once it has become more acceptable. And it will! It takes time!

So you say. Why did ABC PrimeTime drag the community through the mud? Well for me it was ABC's right under "Freedom Of Speech" but again I say 'read between the lines'...the Adult Content providers are being challenged to clean up their acts.

Remember....the Executives at ABC today are laughing as they read all the ranting that is being done. Further proving that some of us are unable to communicate without further degrading Females, Male Talent and The Business itself...This business will grow and acceptance will never be 100% but the 'talented ones' in this business will win out in the end. YOU all know who you are....just like the bad ones know who they are.

And finally..... Let us take the AVN Awards....you want to reach out to more of those 'closet fans'... Giving On stage Award presentations for "Best Blow Job" etc. is not the way to reach out...there are a lot of talented individuals in this business [I have mentioned a few above]. Give out On stage awards for Art Work Design, Acting, Directing, Screenwriters, Lighting, Marketing Campaigns, Editing, Special Effects and to still have some spice "Best Performer Male and Female." NO more "Best Sex Scene" or "Best Anal."

jimmyD sez: Thanks Robert! I'm flattered to be listed amongst that group of directors. Will you take a check? Or do you need cash?


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