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_POSTEDON 2003-01-26 13:52:01 by jimmyd

Email jimmyd _writes "

Lainey wrties: Over the last couple days this whole topic that Primetime showed the world has been in the air of our adult community. It is certain that there can be two ways of looking at it.

I truly believe that mainstream made our adult business look so bad and that all of us girls are unhappy, that the company's care nothing about the girls, and that we all have sexual issues that make us do what we do. (Editor's Note: That was sarcasm, in case you didn't figure that out.)

I feel that they put the adult business back a bit where the public sort of accepted us as people who enjoy sex and performing in front of the camera.

We can take all of this and make it a positive in a way that maybe should be looked at. The adult business has been getting more and more like the mainstream, but maybe this will put us into a more secret profession and it will make people more curious about what we do. You know-- the do not put your hand in the cookie jar sort of thing.

I believe that when someone tells me I cannot do something, that it makes me more determine to do it. The adult business can stand up and defend ourselves which will only make us feel like we are guilty in a way, but then again, I hate it when someone accuses me of something that I have not done. It is very hard to sit back and let people do this to us. What do all of you out there feel about the way to deal with this.?

My mother and grandmother watched this show as well, and they were so angry about how they made the business that I do for a living seem! My mother has supported me fully in everything that I have done in my 2 yrs in this great business. She follows the porn business just as much as I do, if not more.

The few topics during the show that put some hair up on her back was the stereotypes they made us girls out to be. That maybe she, as a mother, did not raise me right, that I had sexual issues, possible drug use, and that I felt guilty about what I do for a living. She said, "Why didn't they interview her?" To hear a mother who supports her daughter fully in everything that she does--A mother who raised her daughter to go after anything in her life that would make her happy. But most of all to raise her to be proud of herself and respect herself through everything that she accomplishes.

Where was that in this one hour show???

On this note, what people think about us pornstars is a question I was asked yesterday while doing a shoot for an HBO documentary. A women approached me after the shoot to ask two questions which everyone seems to ask me. It was funny that she did not see the primetime show, but she asked something along the lines of what the show was all about. She asked me why do the girls in the business do this for a living? Meaning, is it about a love for sex, the money, possible fame, or is it because they have sexual issues? She then asked if my sex life was the same as it was before I came into it and how do I look at sex now. Frankly, these are just a few questions that we the adult stars seem to always be asked. During this one hour conversation with this women, I honestly felt that she looked at the adult business with much more respect then before she approached me. The fact of money being the reason for all of us doing this, but the pure and honest fact that the girls who love sex like I do will be the ones who will succeed in this business down the road.

Having fame is there as long as you love sex, work hard, and enjoy what you do for a living. You will not succeed if you regret what you do, are ashamed what you do, and hate what you do for a living. Some girls cannot do this, but the money keeps them in it and that will only last for so long. I do know that my sexual desire has doubled since coming into this business, so that question was answered only by what I went through and not what the other girls in this business feel. I have spoken to many girls and they have much more sexual drive and seem to want a more extreme personal sex life which is only natural to us because sex is our life. Is that wrong? NO..... I truly think that this is us just wanting something different that we do not do in our day to day life! You know the saying of whatever you have, you always want more of or something different?

I end this with a simple note that if you are not happy what you do for a living or feel ashamed of what you do, then you should step away from it. Being proud of what you do and loving what you do is the only way to be happy in this very judgmental world we call life! I love my job, I love the fans, and I love myself .........Lainey

jimmyD sez: Thanks Lainey! But you forgot to plug your website-- dang, girl! I guess I'll plug it for you. If you want to know more about Lainey, and see more of Lainey, visit her website at www.laineyx.com You'll also be able to get a gander at Lainey doing the nasty in my upcoming ode to quasi-repressed, middle-aged, sexual angst (not that I would know anything about any of that) with a healthy helping of sweet young meat tossed in-- It's called "2 YOUNG 4 U," and it's coming soon from Smash Pictures.


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