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_POSTEDON 2003-01-26 23:01:01 by jimmyd

The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes "Once again, Cali Ruchala emails me with some enlightenment regarding the "Girls Gone Wild" phenom. He keeps this up and I'm going to have to start referring to him as a 'regular contributor.'

Cali writes: I didn't click the link to the Boston Globe piece, because, well, I'm a lazy, lazy man. But a friend of mine wrote something on this phenomenon (which I can't seem to find online right now) which in some part accounts for their high sales figures.

You know how internet porn companies clean up through "recurrent billing" - as in, getting the wanker so hot and bothered that he'll wind up signing for something and not realize he's still paying for it three months later? You know - you see it once, you shudder and move on. You see it a month later on your Visa bill, and the drugs and alcohol have already eaten away the precious sectors of your mind that should tell you that it appeared on last month's bill. By the third month, you know something is going on, and cancel, but a lot of folks will be too embarrassed to contest it.

Girls Gone Wild does that. When you order one, you're basically signed up to a Time-Life book deal. You keep getting them until you tell them to knock it off. If I remember right, there was some variation (maybe in states with tough anti-fraud laws?), but they've basically carried over recurrent billing from the Internet (and "D-Day: The Illustrated History" books) and pump up sales that way.

And some of their lines (can't remember which ones) actually do have real pornography, if you count girls sitting on a bed with a loud-mouth director shouting directions while they go down on each other for a good 10 or 15 minutes as pornography. I've actually seen one of those (FOR PURELY RESEARCH REASONS). From what I remember, the girls were pretty skanky but that doesn't seem to be an obstacle to many legitimate porn afficionados. --Cali

jimmyD sez: Hey! Skanky girls need love too, ya big Serbian journalist!


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