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_POSTEDON 2003-01-31 23:44:43 by jimmyd

Sin City Story jimmyd _writes "Last I wrote, I said I was waiting for someone to do something incredibly stupid so I could write about it. Well, that hasn't exactly happened yet, but all the correspondence flying back and forth and posted on lukeford.com certainly qualifies as marginally stupid.

The latest, of course, is all the crap about James Melendey leaving Sin City and joining Anarchy. Ya know, people quit their jobs everyday and go elsewhere, and often elsewhere is a company in competition with the company the person just left. Big fucking deal, right?

Well, if you read through all the shit posted on lukeford.com, apparently it is a big fucking deal.

It's actually pretty funny reading through all the accusations hurling back and forth, especially if you have a good idea of what's really going on. I remember when people used to get really pissed off at Luke Ford (the guy) for posting unsubstantiated stuff. Apparently it's ok to post the same kind of unsubstantiated crap now that it's someone other than Lukey writing on the site. But that's not the point I'm making here. The point I want to make is that practically everyone writing in on this subject is full of shit, and has his or her own agenda.

So I thought I'd take a few minutes to straighten out a few of the lies that have been posted by the the retards writing in. You might ask, "How do you know what's really going on, JimmyD?" Well, I'll tell you how--I worked there for quite some time, then directed a whole bunch of movies for them, plus some people I'm very close to either continued working there after I left, or continue working there to this day. So I do know a bit of what I speak.

Here's some processing of the shit:

--There was no revolving door in the sales department before James took the position. Gigi Appleton was the Sale Manager for a few years before she left to start her own company and that's when James took the job. Gigi was hired by Mickey Blank, Sin City's former GM. If I remember correctly, there was no Sales Manager before Gigi, i.e., Mickey Blank handled sales as part of his GM duties. They needed a sales manager when they went from a title or two a month, to 8 or 10 titles a month. I ran post-production during this growth period. As you might guess, my department grew as well.

--I don't know specifically why James left, but it could have something to do with the fact that Danny Gorman, Metro's former sales guy, left Metro and joined Sin City. I'm guessing maybe it suddenly got a little crowded in the sales department there.

--James probably did only sell 650 pieces of a new release, but that's not because James is a bad salesman. You see, Sin City's owner owns a shitload of adult video stores and a large distributorship (GVA-West). If you own stores you need to stock product. It's cheaper to stock product that you trade for, rather than product you buy. Sin City trades (the porn term is 'contra') most of the product it produces.

--There never were secretaries in the sales department at Sin City. There have, however, been sales assistants. I know two of them who worked for James. Neither is still at Sin City, but my guess is that the job of sales assistant still exists there. I've heard that one of those sales assistants--a female-- complained of sexual harassment. If that's so, it would be pretty strange behavior for a homosexual.

Now what is strange is James joining Anarchy. As you might know, the Anarchy people are all former Sin City people and they left amidst a lot of bad blood. There have been law suits filed, sheriffs showing up at Sin City to collect on judgements, and a whole lot more bullshit.

Anarchy is headed up by this Rocky Black guy (I won't mention his real name, but many of you know it). But the true power at Anarchy is it's patriarch, Rocky Black's father, who is also the very same guy who formerly provided Sin City's in-house duplication, and ultimately managed the company. I was there the first day Mr. Black Senior came into the Sin City building when it was on Independence Avenue in Canoga Park. I was there to watch him grow in power. He and I had many ups and downs as post-production and duplication are often at each other's throats. You know, he would blame problems on the masters we created for the problems in duplication, we blamed him for fucking up the duplication made from (what I believed) were the pristine masters handed over. You get the picture.

Ultimately, when Black Senior and his junior Blacks (who all ended up working at Sin City) had a falling out with the owner of Sin City, the shit really hit the fan. Sin City employees were divided, either by choice or by coercion. Since Sin City's owner did not reside full-time at Sin City, he was probably unable to control the fallout---fallout that continues to this day--especially since there was no one, full-time person at Sin City who had the brains or the power to control what was going on. When the Blacks left Sin City, it all ended up in the lawyers hands, where it still is today. What's going to happen I cannot predict. I've heard that Sin City's owner is considering filing some level of bankruptcy as a result. If this is the case, the shockwaves will resound throughout the industry. I've heard that Black Senior was offered financial assistance by some pretty heavy hitters in the biz who compete with Sin City's owner--financial assistance to enable him to use the legal system to fuck with Sin City's owner. Again, this is all alleged stuff. The truth is out there, of course, but it would probably take Scully and Fox Muldur to figure it out. This is all unsubstantiated stuff, and I'm labeling it as such. Believe what you want to believe.

So to all the retards at Sin City who've been using lukeford.com's policy of printing almost anything mailed in to them as a pulpit for your bullshit, hear this: I just might take it upon myself to continue processing the truth from your lies. And since your skills of debate are so poor, along with your spelling and grammar skills, I don't think it's going to be too hard for me to hammer the bullshit right out of whatever fairy tale you concoct.

And I'm not going to do this because I have an axe to grind with anyone. I'm only going to do this for no other reason than I have space to fill just like the lukeford.com writers do.

If I were the owner of Sin City, I'd have this to say to all my underlings on Deering Avenue: "Keep your fucking mouths shut! You're not providing solutions to problems, you're becoming the problems."


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