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_POSTEDON 2003-02-04 11:11:16 by jimmyd

The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes "

The melodic ringing of wedding bells wafts on a future Hawaiian breeze. Damn, that was almost as poetic as anything coming from the Porn Bard!

In spite of what Diane Sawyer and her ABC hatchet-crew thinks or says about the jizz bizz, love can bloom here amidst the DP's, the BJ's, and the shattered lives. I'm talking about long-time porn-stud and porn-producer, Chuck Martino, and someone who I'll now refer to as his better-half, Amythiest.

Chuck has often been the subject of gossip in the business. And whether it's been all lies or all truth or something in between, this article concerns none of that.

Amythiest, you might know, has been in and out of the business in a career that began in 1997. A California girl from San Diego, Amythiest recounts her introduction to the adult business: "A friend of mine told me about World Modeling. I went there thinking it was a regular modeling agency, but everyone was so nice and the next thing I knew--that day--I was doing a scene."

The pic I have of Amythiest is the polaroid taken when she re-entered the business in 2002. I'll decipher some of the chicken scratchings on it: At the top, the BG and GG means she was up for doing both boy/girl and girl/girl scenes. I'm not 100% about the checks--some kind of secret Jim South code. At the bottom her stage name is listed, along with her age, height, weight, and her measurements.

Amythiest tells me she worked from 1997-1998, and in that time mostly performed in gonzos. She left the business for about three years, but returned in 2002 and now mostly performs in features. She met Chuck on a set where they performed a scene together. In all, she's performed in about 300 scenes. And in all that time, she tells me, she's never had someone give her a check that bounced!

What's in this girl's future besides marrying Chuck?

"I'd like to produce a line with Chuck," she says. "I also plan to dance, something I haven't done yet."

I asked Amythiest if working in the business presents any special problems for their relationship. She told me that as long as there are open communications, everything works. She also told me her family knows about her porn career, and while they're not too happy about it, they accept it. I asked her if she has any advice for girls coming into the business.

"Have a friend you can trust," she told me, "Someone who's been there."

Good advice.

Chuck and Amythiest plan a spring wedding in Hawaii. They hope Sin City's office manager, Sharon, will attend, along with David Sturman's lovely wife--two people Chuck tells me he's very close to.

Chuck and Amythiest invited this reporter to attend and to videotape the event. I offered to tape their wedding night. I thought it might be a great idea for a new series possibly called "Nuptial Nymphs" or something like that.

Best of luck to Chuck and Amythiest from the entire staff of simplyjimmyd.com!


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