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_POSTEDON 2002-04-09 14:14:09 by jimmyd

jimmyD's Opinion jimmyd _writes "Over at one of my competitor's sites, Mr. Ross' that is, they're painfully worried about 'mob rule' and 'lynch parties' hanging Tom Zupko's "Shades of Hades" out to dry.

The first thing that comes to mind is why does Extreme suddenly give a shit what anyone else thinks, most of all, the XRCO? I thought they were the company that simply 'flipped off' the rest of the biz. But I guess that ain't so. I guess this Zupko craves the parental nod of approval from the critics in this biz. I guess insecurity reigns a little more supreme in some quarters at that company. I guess all the macho, bravado, bullshit that spews from that company is exactly what I just pegged it as: macho, bravado bullshit. Because if they really were just like they pretend to be, they wouldn't have their shill writing articles that compare the theme's of truly great movies like "Breaker Morant," or truly great pieces of literature (and a movie), like "The Ox Bow Incident," with whether or not Tom Dooley...I mean Tom Zupko gets a fucking award! If they, make that if Tom Zupko really lives the "I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks" life, what we'd be hearing out of Extreme and Dooley, I mean Zupko, is "Fuck the XRCO! We don't give a fuck!"

But I'm getting off course here...

What I really wanted to talk about was this story about the drugging and raping of pornstars in the San Diego area. The story I broke yesterday has apparently created quite a stir. Mike South has a good piece about it running on his site. Mike goes out of his way with a hint here and a hint there to name a name, but of course none of us can name a name until the San Diego D.A., or the FBI, actually charges or arrests someone. So as much as I'd like to, I still can't name a name. But fortunately I made quite a mark with that GIF yesterday, you saw it, the animated GIF. the rapist GIF. Yeah, sometimes as a pornalist, I choose to use a lurid approach to getting the point across, and I think I've done just that with that GIF.

But anyway, this is an opinion piece, and I still haven't gotten to the part of my opinion that I really wanted to share (fuck, I hate that word, 'share') with you, and that is, maybe a little street justice is in order here.

A while back I wrote something about solving porn problems with a bat. You know, a fucking baseball bat. A good sturdy Louisville Slugger, around 34ozs. You simply walk up to the problem with the fucking bat and start swinging. I think this might be one of those 'porno moments' when a bat is in order, and here's why: I don't think the San Diego D.A.'s ever gonna charge this prick. Why? Because the victims are, in their eyes, whores. And they know that all whores have their stories, and how are you gonna put a whore in front of a jury and let the defendant's lawyer bring up all those stories from the whore's past--the arrests, the drugs--how can they do that? Now I'm not saying that this is reality with every girl in this biz. I'm just saying it's my guess that that is how the straights in the D.A.'s office and the suits at the FBI office, sees them. And it doesn't matter that this prick, who sorely needs the Louisville Slugger logo imprinted on his forehead, is also in the porn biz, because you see, he's not a whore.

And to make matters worse, I hear the prick has a few bucks. In fact, plenty enough to hire a good lawyer to poke holes in the stories all the whores who accuse him of this coward's crime.

So we're back to my suggestion that a little street justice is in order here.

Ya know, I shoot a lotta scenes with a lot of girls. And it's been my observation that an awful lot of them either have a full-time suitcase pimp or a part-time boyfriend or something in between. It's also been my experience that a lot of these suitcase pimps and/or boyfriends fancy themselves tough guys. So where the fuck are the tough guys now? You mean none of them are close enough to this to make things square? No one's ready to step up to the fucking plate here? What? Everyone's afraid of this cocksucker?

I know I'm going to hear some shit from some people about this, but I'm dead fucking serious, someone needs to take this miserable piece of shit out of action. I know enough people know who he is. And if you know him, and you know what he's doing, and you still hire him, your as big a piece of shit as he is. Shit like this gets covered up in this business all the time, and it's shit like this that gives this business a worse rep than it already has.

If you're someone with some juice in this biz, and you knowingly tolerate this kind of crap you're not only just as guilty as the prick who's doing it, you're a fucking CUNT! A Porno CUNT! I've said it before and I'll say it again, all the porno CUNTS I know in this biz are guys, and they're mostly guys with a little bit of power. SO QUIT BEING A CUNT! You know who you are. Hit this fuck where it hurts, even if you are only able to hit him in the wallet!

There's a 62 year old guy in San Diego who's standing up to this prick. Sixty-two years old! I don't expect him to pick up a bat, but he's standing up, doing the right thing, and that's more than can be said of some of you. In so many ways, this 62 year old makes so many guys half his age look like cunts and faggots. Make this guy your fucking hero and stand up just like him.

If the law won't stop this rapist, we can and will! And if you're a girl in this biz and you're also a victim of this guy or anyone else (in this way) you need to come forward. You need to tell your tale. That's how this shit ends. Then we can all go back to our jobs of having a good time and making a few bucks.

Where the fuck is Sheriff Jack Hammer when you need him? Huh? Come on pussy boys, someone give this prick piece of shit a little pain like he likes giving out to helpless women! Iv'e personally never met this guy, but if I'm at some event or whatever, and someone tells me, "Hey, that's him," I'm going to spark a riot against this asshole! Anyone else who is in the same position should do the same.

Nuff said. Fuck him!"

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