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_POSTEDON 2003-02-13 10:56:20 by jimmyd

Tales of Pornography jimmyd _writes "

I got this really weird voicemail the other night. Some guy called my cellphone and left a message in a deep, raspy, put-on voice. I have no idea who it was.

Here's what the guy said: "Yes... Jim DiGiorgio... Deep Throat... I've got a very, very important message for you relating to Bill Margold. He's on the take. Margold is on the take. And we're launching an investigation. I'll give you the details for your website tomorrow during business hours."

Margold on the take? On the take from who? Some corrupt teddy bear manufacturer? (You probably won't get that if you're not in the biz or don't know Margold.)

The next day came and went without the promised details for my website. Figures. But I can't help wondering what this is all about? I don't see Bill Margold being in a position to trade much of anything for much of anything. At least not anything that would qualify for a statement like "Bill Margold is on the take."

Maybe they're paying him off so he agrees to never, ever speak to the media again about the porn biz? At least that would make sense. Hell, I'll kick in a few bucks for that.

Bill, if you read this, are you on the take? If so, what are you taking and what are you taking it in exchange for? If not, who did you piss off lately? C'mon Bill, confession cleanses the soul. The truth will set you free. Spill the beans, dude. All your pals in the playpen of the damned want to know.


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