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_POSTEDON 2003-02-22 22:33:12 by jimmyd

Email jimmyd _writes "

This story might continue for longer than the time I complained that one of my nuts was hanging lower than the other.

I said I'd leave no stone unturned in my quest to determine if I had been duped into posting an email that allegedly came from the original Sin Twins, Misha and Sasha, but was then called into question by Sin City's owner, David Sturman.

Turns out I didn't have to upturn any stones at all, one just flipped right over in front of me in the form of yet another email from the Sin Twins v.1.

But before I post the email I received tonight from Misha and Sasha, let me first state that the ISP address of the email says it's from the United Kingdom.

Misha and Sasha write: Dear Jimmy-- Allow us to clear your name, since it is clear that you have no need to fake an article or us to "dupe" you.

We are entirely responsible for the letter you posted and the London ISP it came from is the one that he (David Sturman) has on record. Josie Snyder can confirm it for him.

Furthermore, since he has our number he could always call us for himself, we are available for comment at any time.

We would also like to take the opportunity to tell you, since we have not spoken directly with your good self, that we are in our third year of study at the London School of Law, taking a genuine degree with the University of London, Misha specialising in family law and Sasha criminal law, and UCL is universally acknowledged to be one of the most revered and august seats of learning in the entire world.

To put it in terms to which your readers might equate that's like Harvard Law to you red-kneck mother-fuckers. And whilst upon our arrival in London in 1998, as naiive 17 year-olds, yes our English was patchy at best, but 3 years of 16 hours per week at the Mayfair School of English have somewhat improved it, and we have the certificates to prove it!

We would therefore contend that had he more wisely run his company, rather than allow poorly educated and largely inarticulate bottom-feeders to reach positions of influence, he might not have lost us and saved himself the expense and humiliation of his current situation.

We would also like to point out that if all his employees shared our educational propensity he would find himself the captain of a much sounder ship.

Indeed, since he has never dained to speak directly with either of us,how the fuck would he know how we speak?

We do sympathise with David, even though his wounds are undeniably self-inflicted, and wish him well, but perhaps he might do us the courtesy accepting that in us he lost the best asset that he lucked into since falling ass-backwards into his ever-diminishing inheritance.

He has the number, we can talk. Maybe Rocky Black and his much respected father will sell him some of our product and restore some of his weakened label's reputation.

Finally, we are suspicious of the contention that fear of family disaproval might be a factor in the flight of his pale immitations from Texas. It is widely known that their alleged willingness to perform acts of incest was their selling point, so we think that there may be more pressing family issues than video work.

On the bright side El Presidente's wife hasn't yet discovered that he was fucking his new signings so at least that's one law suit they can put off till later, although we understand that there is a queue forming to tell her. He must be flattered to be such a popular man, (we use the term man in it's loosest possible sense), and with such good reason.

Regards and affection to you Jimmy, you must dine with us next time you are in Europe,we will look forward to it, --Misha and Sasha

jimmyD sez: I hope we can dine at a place of my choosing. Considering how hot these two are, I'll be asking if I can eat at the "Y"


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