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_POSTEDON 2003-02-25 17:07:27 by jimmyd

The Jiz Biz jimmyd _writes "

Wanker Wang, the affable former LukeFord.com scribe, stopped by today. As I was updating the site, Wang volunteered to write a guest editorial.

Here it is, direct from the 'dancing-across-my-keyboard fingertips of Wanker Wang--

Ode to JimmyD

There's only one person out there I respect. The sexy, the affable, the highly neurotic JimmyD. He makes my mouth water as I see his sexy visage on a daily basis on this site. Yes, the way he swaggers his butt cheeks as he walks ever so sexily across the hallway. There are fewer things more mouthwatering than the clenching ka-ching ka-ching of his cheeks.

And as a result, I'd like to give the highest, warmest regards to the gorgeous and highly pheromone raising sexual supernova, JimmyD.

By the way, who the fuck is this Eddie Tour, you may ask. I'll tell you. This coke-snorting bastard is the same little fuck who leeches off of whores promising riches and feeding them coke when he's never done a website in his life. I'll get into details later this week but I once met Eddie Tour at my house. I booked a whore for a blowjob. She came in cold, clammy and her face was breaking out. Suddenly, this bug-eyed freak comes in with her. I ask him, "Who the fuck are you?" He responds, "I'm a webmaster." I tell him, "I don't give a fuck. Stand outside the doorway. This house don't allow suitcase pimps."

This little freak feebly attempts to talk his way into hanging in the living room. I listen to his pleas only to have him extricated after exposing this confuck. The only lines this imbecile books are the lines flying up to his awaiting nostrils.

Apparently, he just broke off his marriage to another whore who's website was never completed after two years of 'construction'. But the only thing he re-constructed was the bones of his nostrils after a long and continual bout with cocaine addiction.

He's a fucking, little loser trying to claim "blacklist" as a way of keeping his name off the website. He tries to fuck Cherokee, wanting to do her website, offerring lines of overly diluted cocaine, in exchange of leeching off her ass like a overgrown boil.

So fuck this idiot. "Eddie", I love you brother. You're doing a fantastic job with your site. You're a top guy.

Deny, deny, deny. Affiliates do not lie, buddy.

jimmyD sez: The opinions contained in this Wanker Wang guest editorial are not necessarily the opinions of this website.


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