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_POSTEDON 2002-04-11 14:21:32 by jimmyd

Tales of Pornography jimmyd _writes "The Kid emailed me again today. It's becoming a daily thing. It's like a little cyber-love affair. Only these letters don't contain any love. They're filled with contentious words. They accuse. They are angry. They warrant some pretty foul shit.

This newest e-mail is the worst of the worst in what it alledges is the truth. It's filled with horrible and despicable acts. It's vommit inducing when one truly considers it just may be the truth.

Here's what the Kid has to say:

(A jimmyD note: I've modified the e-mail a bit, i.e., it now dances a glib mambo with syntax.)

According to Kid Vegas, the following practices and/or instances have occurred in the making of certain motion pictures in the Adult Biz and he has first-hand knowledge of all of it. All of the following text are Kid Vegas' words sans removed portions. His e-mail included a company name and a list of XXX motion picture titles that relates to the following list:

1) Real blood, real animal heads, insides of animals
2) Discussions of rape & child molestation of girls when they were younger,
before the sex scenes occur
3) Rape Scenes
4) Excessive Choking, Spitting on Females
5) Reenactments of Taliban Terrorists Raping Americans
6) Religious items such as the Holly Cross Desecrated & used in sex scenes
7) Urination on video then drinking
8) Males inserting a foot in their ass
9) Reenactments of Incest

I have personally witnessed the above, &, or, have people that will vouch in any courtroom... (T E X T R E M O V E D A N D / O R E D I T E D) Anyone who would distribute such garbage is insane, or just wishes to take on the Federal Government in Court. These are the things that WILL attract attention to the industry, & have. (T E X T R E M O V E D A N D / O R E D I T E D) ...is not the man to fear. He makes videos that are rough, but not considered too obscene or vile in my book. This company... (T E X T R E M O V E D A N D / O R E D I T E D) with their savage videos, their claims of Mob affiliation, idle threats towards people, & direct threats. It is proof this industry has become out of control & needs to be checked; at least this company does by Law Enforcement.

With a website like... (T E X T R E M O V E D A N D / O R E D I T E D) promoting fecal frenzy, daily pissing, vomiting, humiliation, & much, much more, we are all in for a surprise in the Adult Community for rules that should have been enforced a long time ago. They have gone too far, & buying, distributing, these types of videos should be illegal. I love the industry, but does it have to come down from above, can't you, the distributors NOT purchase this garbage. What is next, simulated snuff videos; oh I forgot they do that too. Not all their videos are the same, but there is the more than a few a year that no one looks at, just buys. This companies owner has come to my apartment complex, has left threats towards me in a note referencing not only me, but my girlfriend too, who has nothing to do with this industry.
(T E X T R E M O V E D A N D / O R E D I T E D) ...has called my friends told them things like, "Tell Kid Vegas if doesn't shut his mouth, he is going to find himself in a bag." Or how about the direct comments to Kid Vegas himself, "You are fucking dead." That sounds to me like either, a gang member or a mob figure, not a legit businessman. Especially when finding bookie numbers on my desk coming into work the next day, while I was there. But I think talk would not effect a legit businessman, or he wouldn't take the time to go bother an X-Employee or his friends with threats, what do you think? Sounds like something is going on there doesn't it? A lot of strange conversations were held in weird places at...
(T E X T R E M O V E D A N D / O R E D I T E D) , with strange quiet people. (T E X T R E M O V E D A N D / O R E D I T E D) I was hearing more then I wanted to even some of those conversations. More to come in the days ahead... (T E X T R E M O V E D A N D / O R E D I T E D) It should be very well with all the talk & promotion you are getting, good or bad, that is that you thrive on right?

Sent By
11 Apr 02, 11:03 A.M. PST


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