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_POSTEDON 2003-03-24 19:26:45 by jimmyd

Tales of Pornography jimmyd _writes "Although Wanker Wang's and Mike Sullivan's names have been associated with the "bum fucks" incident on many of the porn news-and-gossip sites, my information names Anabolic's former director, Khan Tusion, as the man and the money behind "bum fucks."

According to my source--a source who is so close to this story, he's a part of it--this internet outing is Khan Tusion's baby. Khan Tusion, I'm told, is a guy whose involvement in the production of pornography is more of a personal hobby.

You might remember Khan Tusion from some time back when his Anabolic series, "Rough Sex," created a whole lot of controversy for it's over-the-top, violent depictions of sex. Anabolic later recalled the product.

Here's some quotes from Khan Tusion himself during an interview conducted by 'Slouch Potato' for Rame.net (the official website of rec.arts.movies.erotica).

SP: Hello, Kahn. Thank you for granting me this interview.

KT: I felt it my duty to correct the public record as to my conduct in the matter of the video recording entitled 'Rough Sex 2,' which is a brilliant, but brutally realistic, depiction of a lifestyle practiced by billions of fully consenting human beings, who have every right as adult persons to comport themselves in a manner that is unacceptable to the proverbial "John Q. Public" and entirely degrading and dehumanizing to women everywhere, but is an emphatically honest and sincere expression of nonconforming norms and mores that...

SP: Could you rephrase that?

KT: I like puttin' the hurt on bitches.

Later in the interview it went like this:

SP: It's been suggested by some that you're a 'piece of human vomit,' a 'dirty, misogynistic scumrag,' a 'greedy, soulless, mentallydamaged, drug-addicted...'

KT: I resemble that! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

SP: So what does the future hold for 'Rough Sex?'

KT: After careful consideration, I've reluctantly decided to take a hiatus from this pathbreaking series to expand my horizons and broaden my artistic base. To always be doing the same thing can make a genius like myself seem stale and unoriginal. My self-expression is a vast untapped potential that cannot be bounded by the strictures of a...

CHRIS (Anabolic's owner): We're pulling it.

KT: There's that, too. I'm also shelving my plans for series called 'Slap the Infant,' and 'Mo Lester's Schoolyard Adventures.'

jimmyD sez: I don't think I need to say more-- It's all pretty self-explanatory. If you want to read the full, rame.net interview, you can do so by clicking HERE.

If you'd like to comment on this story, here's a good place to do so.


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