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_POSTEDON 2003-03-26 15:15:52 by jimmyd

Tales of Pornography jimmyd _writes "I was really hoping to write something today with a whole different angle than what I've been writing lately. You know, something kinda funny, kinda amusing, maybe make fun of someone or some company in a generally benign way. I have no desire to be a sort-of cyber-watchdog in this biz. I'm not a social or moral activist whose job it is to call to task people in the porn biz for their sometimes very sleazy ways.

But then I got this phone call this morning.

What the fuck is wrong with some of you assholes out there? Not only do some of you seem intent in calling down regulatory agencies upon us, but now you seem to have a very real desire to go do some jail time!

Here's this new story of sleaze in the jizz bizz. I'm not--at this time--going to name names because just maybe the people involved in this will re-think their threats.

Here it is in a nutshell: A young girl comes into the biz and is represented by certain agents or managers, whatever. Rather quickly, the girl figures out that this agent or agents are doing nothing for her but taking 20% of her money. So she goes her own way, terminating her relationship with the agent or agents.

The agent or agents aren't too happy with this. They also know that this girl comes from a family that would be shattered to know their daughter is in the porn biz. So to get her back, they threaten to send her parents some porn tapes that depict their little girl doing the nasty. It's either come back and give us 20% of what you earn, or we out you with your folks.

Hey assholes! Besides the fact that you're now doing your share to bring shit down on the biz as a whole, let's take a look at how many felony laws you're probably breaking. First off, what you're doing is called blackmail. That's right, blackmail. That's a serious felony. And if, technically, it ain't blackmail, it's certainly extortion--an equally serious felony. I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty sure it's one or the other. You're probably also violating federal "white slavery laws." The "white slavery laws," just so you know, have been on the books a long time, but still have been enforced in recent years, usually to indict some pimp who has forced women into prostitution, or to remain a prostitute. That sound familiar, assholes? You think some jury is going to distinguish between you forcing a girl to prostitute herself, versus you forcing her to be represented by you as you book her to perform sex for pay? Think about it long and hard, assholes.

Like I said, at this point I'm not going to name names. But should you make good on your threats, I promise to lead a negative publicity campaign aimed at you lame assholes, and your agency, that I'm sure all the other news-and-gossip sites will join in on, and then let's see how many 20% commissions you continue to collect. And that's just the beginning of what I'm willing to do to fix your sorry asses.

And why would I do this? Because when assholes like you pull shit like this, it really, really piss me off!

If you'd like to comment on this story, here's a good place to do so.


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