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_POSTEDON 2002-04-22 13:50:47 by jimmyd

Wankers Club jimmyd _writes "

Aria blew into the office today, and she's as sweet as a mezzo soprano singing Madam Butterfly softly in your ear.

I didn't recognize her at first--not that I know her very well, and certainly not that I know her in anything resembling a biblical sense, dammit--but I have shot her before and I simply did not remember.

Well, I come to find out she suddenly has these tits that weren't there before. I don't mean that she didn't have tits before, but she certainly didn't have *those* tits, if you get my drift? And I ain't saying I would of remembered her if she had those tits before. I don't just remember these girls because of their tits or asses or whatever. That would make me a shallow person. And I'm not, right?

Anyway, being the consumate professional, I couldn't help but notice what a very nice set of

technologically enhanced chest puppies Aria now has! The incisions are in the armpits so there's no nasty scars appearing anywhere near the merchandise. From a size perspective, her new tits are well-proportioned to her trim, athletic body, so there's no Frankenstein factor, and while they are saline implants, there seemed to be a minimum of rippling when she bent over at the waist. (I'm some expert on this shit, huh?)

Aria reminded me of when and where I shot her. It was for Fat Dog's "A Girl's Affair" series. The episode in question is called "Camp Vagina." We shot it at this cool place in the mountains. Aria reminded me that I shot Shelby Myne and her at night, doing the lesbianic thing around a campfire. She also recalled the Camp Vagina campfire song they sang. But no matter how I pleaded, I couldn't get her to sing it again.

Aria, you can blow in to here anytime you want!

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