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_POSTEDON 2002-04-25 09:07:30 by jimmyd

News jimmyd _writes "

Everyone's favorite GenX pornographer and Extreme whistle-blower, Mr. Kid Vegas, is moving to mainstream. The Kid sent me an email detailing his planned attack on the unsuspecting entertainment industry.

After reading the Kid's email, and noting the stylistic gonzo prose that is sure to capture the hearts and minds of America's literary elite, I predict big things for the Kid. Book deals, movie deals, TV deals, talkshows, magazine interviews, I think these are all in the Kid's future. When Kid Vegas becomes a household name, don't forget you heard it here first.

Here's what the Kid has to say (it's sort of like a Press Release, only better):


I am in the works with over 50 pages written in the last 3 weeks, creating a book regarding my life and the Adult Industry. I know it is not much but it sure starts off fast and locks your eyes into not wanting to stop reading. It is listing in a non-fictional account what I have xperienced, what I have seen, in detail of companies and talent. I have been talking with several ublishers regarding the book and am currently looking for an agent that may be interested in getting me the deal I am looking for. The book will be published if I do not get a deal with a major distributor in the next two weeks directing or other means of employment within the adult community. I will list suicides in this book that were direct results of the adult industry, scandals, illegal activity, prostitution, bad checks, mistreatment of talent, you name it, it will be there. It will list companies to look out for, names, corruption, personal black lists, drug abuse, forgery, fraud, abuse of talent, money laundering, illegal gambling.

My career foreseeing has an eminent expiration in my view as a Director. I may walk away from this industry, but definitely not empty-handed. I have enjoyed doing what I so desired for so long. But I now find that this is a vicious industry, at least most of it, that does not have much care towards anything but money. Lives, feelings, trust, security, they have not been present from what I have seen, even from the so-called friends in this industry. I have not seen a good change in the works, I have seen the rot get more rotten, the rich get richer, and the acts upon talent who have made this industry get more vicious.

After all the talent is what has made this a multi-million dollar industry. The pay has even gone down for talent in some cases. Companies expect to pay so little for so much. How is a director to make a living off of such little budgets? How are the directors to become more than beggars for their next budget? I am not retiring all my efforts yet. I am just warning the very few, I know, and now many more will know, as I have been sending off copies of this book, even in partial for protection of my well-being. I cannot stress enough that there needs to be changes.

I have worked with some of the best; I have worked for the worst. I plan to improve like I have been for over a year now. The work I did for the last company is proof; you should just see it for yourselves. I have become better, I have learned from the best and the worst. I have been in the trenches, after all I was talent, I stood with talent at one time. I seen both lights, unlike most of the money hogs of this industry, you know who you are those very few that have been overwhelmed with greed, and sex. You use and use to get what you want, not thinking of life, feelings, futures, or death.

I want to say goodbye to a friend that has past away due to all the cruelty, depression, drugs, and everything that is listed above that had overwhelmed her thoughts. Goodbye Naughtia Childs, I am sorry life was so hard on you; I wish I could have stopped what you did to yourself. She was a very sweet and nice girl at times.

I will never become overwhelmed in life, unlike some I will survive.

Contact me regarding anything or Agents regarding publishing rights for my book at:
[email protected]

Kid Vegas

* * * * * * * * * *

And I want to say goodbye to you, Kid. I guess the jizz bizz won't have Mr. Kid Vegas to kick around anymore. Happy trails, compadre.

I think we will all remember Kid Vegas in this simple way: He was a sweet, nice guy...at times.


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