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_POSTEDON 2002-05-07 11:50:27 by jimmyd

Tales of Pornography jimmyd _writes "

There was a time when Luke Ford, i.e., Luke Ford the person, struggled mightily with his conflicted fascination with the porn biz. Luke was both attracted to (make that, turned on), and repulsed by the jiz biz. And when Luke added Judaism into the mix, some said it was the ingredient that made his site interesting and read by many.

One of the great issues Luke struggled the most with was the inordinate number of Jewish company owners in porn. Why did something as base as pornography attract so many Jews? Luke struggled vainly with this connundrum.

But here at simplyjimmyd.com, we think we might have an answer. And as a public service to anyone who struggles as Luke has, or for those of you who are porn-Jews and who sometimes have difficulty justifying religion and commerce in your life, I offer up a web site where quite possibly, the answers to your theologic questions lie.

The Jewish Pagan Resource Page

After all, what's more pagan than porn? And judging by the numbers of Jewish porn company owners, some might also say, 'What's more Jewish than porn?'

Personally, I don't really know what makes up a Jew, or why there's so many of them in the senior echelons of the jiz biz. I was born a Roman Catholic and I don't know too much more about that either, in spite of all those hours my parents made me spend in Confraternity of Christian Doctrine classes (a lot of good they did, huh?). I probably have a better understanding of Paganism (I did, after all, read "The Mists of Avalon). And I certainly have acted like a Pagan in much of my life, and some would say I still do.

As I understand it, there is this whole Mythical/Pagan side to Judaism (e.g., Judaopaganism, Semitic Paganism) that is only studied by these X-Files type Rabbis who work in these super-secret laboratories, deep underground, underneath some well-guarded Temples. But you know, just about anything and everything that has a mythical/pagan bent to it, is also going to be soaked in all kinds of sexual stuff. So I'm thinking, maybe all these Jewish guys in the biz aren't just Jewish, maybe they're really JeWITCH?

Jewitchcraft could easily be responsible for the great number of run-of-the-mill secular Jews in the biz. Right? And if they're not already Jewitch, maybe they should think about becoming Jewitch. It would all make so much more sense, no?

Hey, maybe Lukey himself will write in and offer up his take on all this. Stranger things have happened, right? "

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