April 8, 2007


It’s been awhile since I last updated. I’ve been busy. One of the things I’ve been busy with has been “American MILF: The Movie.”

“American MILF” stars former Playboy Playmate, Terry Weigel, in the title role. Rather than shooting another MILF gonzo, we decided to produce AM:TM as a feature. Not a full-blown feature, more of a featurette. Yeah, we had a script and it has a story but none of that detracts from the MILFy sex! BTW, the “we” (as in “we decided to produce…) includes the good folks at TeraVision and myself directing. Playing opposite Ms. Weigel is Spyder Jones, a.k.a., Evan Seinfeld, as Harold “Hardly” Davidson.

As you might be guessing, American MILF is a sex comedy revolving around the extra-marital affairs and antics of Terry and Spyder, who play a suburban couple a la “Married with Children,” and with Spyder in a wannabee-biker, “Joe Dirt,” sorta role, complete with mullet-wig, a chopper, and making some really bad fashion statements. When Terry walks in on Spyder banging a neighborhood teen, Lela Starr, she tosses him out on his ass (literally) and quickly begins a quest to prove there are no MILFs like American MILFs! The neighborhood boys are delighted at this turn of events. Jones’s “Hardly Davidson” (as everyone mockingly refers to him) tries his best to return to the trashy, suburban home he calls “Castle Davidson,” while Terry’s “Mrs. Davidson” MILF’s her role with sexy panache.

“American MILF: The Movie,” is coming soon from TeraVision, distributed by Vivid Pictures, written and directed by your’s truly, and starring Terry Weigel, Lela Starr, Michelle Lay, Ava Lauren, Spyder Jones and more!

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