June 28, 2006

About Me — JimmyD

I’m guessing most of the three or four people who frequent this site know me or know of me. But if you’re new to this site and you don’t have a freakin’ clue who this JimmyD guy is, here’s the condensed version:

Most people in the adult industry know me as JimmyD. They also know me as James DiGiorgio. There’s been some confusion with my name at times. I’ve had people say to me, “You’re James DiGiorgio? I thought you were JimmyD?” I only mention this because, for years, DiGiorgio is how people in the biz knew me. But then, this Mike South guy started calling me JimmyD… and it stuck!

I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades in the XXX biz. I’ve worked, and continue to work, as a director, producer, writer, videographer, editor, photographer, actor (non-sex roles only cuz, well, cuz I’m only Italian from the waist up), and porn journalist.

I’ve worked for many of the companies in this business and in many of the capacities I listed above. I’ve also worked in the mainstream side of things, again, in all those capacities listed above.

The thing I love doing best is photography. I’ve been shooting since I was 12 when my Dad bought me my first, 35mm camera: A Yashica Penta J. Photography has earned me income most of my life. There was even a time when I worked for a defense contractor where my job included hanging out of the doors of airplanes and helicopters with a camera and shooting images of their latest weapons of mass destruction. Personally, I’m way more morally at home in the adult biz then the war biz.

As a photographer, I’ve shot many Hollywood hopefuls (i.e., headshots and portfolios for actors and actresses) and I’ve also shot some fashion. But I love shooting glamour the best (make that beautiful women in varying degrees of dress and undress) and I earn a fair amount of my income from doing so. Hey! Someone’s gotta do it. I’m also interested in street photography but I don’t get out as much as I should with this genre.

Probably, the most well-known skin-flick I wrote/directed & shot and edited was “The Sorpornos” for VCA. I’ve also made a fair number of flicks that have been nominated for, or have won, numerous awards. I’d list a bunch of them here but you probably didn’t decide to read this “about me” crap just to become bored shitless. Suffice it to say, I figure I’ve shot in and around 2500 to 3000 sex scenes in my so-called career and I’ve either photographed or videotaped (or both) countless stars of the erotic cinema. (That’s porn flicks if you don’t know what the “erotic cinema” might be.)

Okay. That’s enough about me. And it’s certainly more than any of you need to know. Besides, I’m now boring myself shitless writing this crap.

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