March 5, 2007

The Lockwood/Ponante Scuffle from an Egoist’s POV

Recieved the following email this morning:

Hello, My name is Brian Scott and I am with Egoist Entertainment and I wanted to respond regarding the Kurt Lockwood situation.

My first responsibility to Egoist is to produce a quality product, while safely maintaining control of the set, crew, cast and invited guests.

Any issues between Kurt Lockwood and Gram Ponante had nothing to do with Egoist. Any altercations between Kurt and Gram took place outside before they entered the set.

Not sure if you have ever produced a movie, but it is very difficult to replace someone on short notice that you wrote a part for, so we had no choice but to do whatever we could to make the shoot happen.

I read on adultdvdtalk someone said they think Kurt could potentially threatening the Long-Term viability of Egoist, which obviously came from and uneducated source, as the production of “eXXXtra eXXXtra” was never in jeopardy and we have a long term distribution deal with Hustler.

Trust me, I would love to have both talent and the reporting that helps me sell product. I can tell you that once the media left the shoot we ended better than expected with no issues.

Thank you,

Brian Scott

jimmyD sez: Thanks for clarifying Egoist’s position, Brian. I should mention, just to validate my porn-cred, that I’ve shot, edited, produced, and directed hundreds of movies over my nearly 14 years in this biz. So, it is possible that I might know something of which I speak… I mean write.

When I wrote that Lockwood put your production in jeopardy, I was referring to it’s efficient operation, not it’s overall success. I did not mean to infer that the actions of a single meatpuppet would jeopardize your entire movie nor do I agree with the AdultDVDTalk contributor that Lockwood will have any impact on your company’s long-term and future viability. BTW, I’ve personally been confronted with replacing talent on short notice — many times, in fact — and haven’t usually found it to be that difficult of a task.

Best of luck with Egoist’s current and future productions!

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