March 11, 2007

The 1rst Amendment Ain’t Just for Porn

I was fairly amused to learn, as I perused adultFYI this morning, there’s a criminal investigation of some sort going on in the wake of the Lockwood/Ponante rumble. Nothing like bad news for one person making for some useable PR for others to spin!

As I sipped my coffee and read through the article, I chuckled at a statement adultFYI’s Gene Ross attributes to director Jennifer James. James is quoted as saying, “I think his (Ponante’s) political agenda is to write whatever he wants with impunity.”

Here’s some 411 for all pornographers: The very same 1rst Amendment that allows you to pursue your dreams of being porn moguls also allows journalists like Gram Ponante to have a “political agenda” where they can “write with impunity.” In fact, believe it or not, the 1rst Amendment was created for the protection of all kinds of people, like journalists and religious freaks and others, without a thought given to pornographers! We just happen to live and work on its coat-tails.

Sorry, but that’s how it works. If any of you want to change that and, assuming (however unlikely) you’re successful at doing so, many of you might consider dusting off your resumes and begin filling out employment applications at your nearest fast-food restaurants.

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