March 2, 2007

Expo Mark: Another POV (Plus, the Ponante/Lockwood Altercation)

Rob Ragan, sales guy at White Tiger Releasing, emails me:

“I have attended all 3 Expo-Marks and if I never did another AEE show again I’d (be) very o-so content with that. I’ve been doing sales in this biz on and off since 86′ man and absolutely dread the January show. It kinda sucks that most of the deals get done at the center bar.The Expo Mark has refueled my want to do trade shows. Not only do you get 20 solid minutes with each buyer but you also get to hang out with them after show hours. When your having a drink at the bar….it’s just that, a simple drink. Whereas at the AEE you HAVE to disturb your buyers social time just to make enough sales to justify the ridiculous fuckin’ cost of Vegas. That’s my 2 cents on the matter. Feel free to post this if you want. I think the feeling about the Expo Mark is the same all around.if your not in it…’d better find a way! Rob Ragan, White Tiger Releasing”

JimmyD sez: Apparently, I misidentified Expo Mark by referring to is as Expo Mart in my previous post. It probably won’t be the last time, here on the blog, I fuck something like that up. My apologies to the folks who produce Expo Mark.

Regarding a completely different matter, here’s my take on the Kurt Lockwood/Gram Ponante altercation.

First off, Lockwood, it’s reported, was an hour late for his call time, plus he had an out-time! (Hat tip to RL for a reminder on the “out-time” point.) He then, it’s also reported, proceeded to piss off the studio location’s owner and was asked to leave the premises. It’s still further reported that he (Lockwood) assaulted Gram Ponante–an invited journalist there to cover Egoist Entertainment’s shoot–over some alleged cyber-gossip-reporting by America’s beloved porn journalist, Mr. G. Ponante.

As a result, the producers asked Gram to leave.

Justice aside, let’s look at it from a purely business point-of-view:

1. Lockwood put Egoist’s production in jeopardy on a number of counts.

2. How many pieces will Lockwood’s participation in the production sell? None, maybe? How many pieces will Ponante’s reporting, assuming it’s favorable, sell? More than none, maybe?

3. How difficult is it to replace a cast member in a porn production? Easy enough. After all, it’s done almost every freakin’ day. How easy is it to replace favorable reporting, setting one production apart from the many that take place everyday? Not as easy as replacing a meatpuppet.

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